All your data sources brought together. Simple as that.

Perfion PIM integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and ties all your data sources together – which means that every person in your organization always has up-to-date product data at their fingertips.

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Product Information Management with Perfion PIM

Manage your product data fast and easy

Forget about mastering database technology and focus on being the master of your products. Perfion PIM gives you full control and allows you to create and easily maintain any kind of product data imaginable.

Web & publishing

Multi-channel marketing made easy

Publishing data simultaneously across multiple channels is your fond farewell to worrying about invalid or outdated product data. Now you can dedicate your time and energy to delivering an extraordinary brand experience for your customers.


Perfion PIM will fit right in

With its open API, integrating Perfion PIM into your existing IT systems is a snap. Perfion PIM even offers native integration into ERP-systems and e-commerce platforms.

Partner-developed add-ins for Perfion PIM

Partner-developed add-ins for Perfion

Our partners have developed the following add-in modules for the Perfion PIM solution:

Are your products special?

Products descriptions come in all shapes and sizes. Even similar products are described differently by competitors for the sake of differentiation.

Perfion PIM is a standard solution that can describe anything from screws to lunar rockets. All types of data – features, photos, descriptions, files, etc. – can be easily modelled in any language or form of presentation. And Perfion PIM empowers you to use multiple product hierarchies simultaneously.

Perfion PIM also enables you to manage detailed information about other entities related to your products, including designers, stakeholders, customers, manufacturers, etc. In short, Perfion delivers the complete spectrum of information you need to sell your products.


Fit for change - fit for the future

You are continuously enhancing, developing and refining your products – launching new product groups, adapting to the demands of customers and/or governmental regulations and much more. Change is the only constant!

Perfion PIM is Built-to-Change. A simple drag and drop is all it takes to add new features to your various products. Perfion PIM equips you for the future as much as today, protecting your investment with the capacity to adapt to future requirements and ongoing changes.

Keeping information up-to-date with Perfion PIM is…


Perfion PIM finally makes it easy to efficiently manage huge amounts of product information. Information shared by many different products is maintained via a hierarchy of shared data, making it simple to reliably keep all your product information up to date.

Easy to use

Perfion is built by users for users to ensure its ease of use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Outlook®, then you will be mastering Perfion PIM in no time.

Quick to Implement

You can literally be up and running in minutes. Perfion PIM is a 100% standard application with fast and easy installation wizards. Any existing data can be imported directly from Microsoft Excel files.


Perfion PIM employs the powerful and productive Microsoft Windows® user interface and can be operated via internet to ensure all the benefits of worldwide accessibility and collaboration. Perfion PIM delivers the best of both worlds and is 100 % based on Microsoft .NET technology.


Built-in security options and user privileges ensure that users can only access and edit information relevant to their responsibilities.