Data Modeling

With Perfion you model product features in the same way as you think of them. You can focus on being the master of your products rather than of database technology.

Create any feature

Using one simple Dialog you can create:

  • any imaginable feature
  • an unlimited number of features such as numbers, texts, dates, images or all other files
  • Remote features that link directly to data from other data sources

Features can be defined to behave exactly as needed. To define the weight of a product you need a simple number. For a product of type movie, you need to associate multiple actors in individual order. For categories you will most likely need the information in a hierarchy. Some of the information may need to be translated into other languages. Everything is possible.

Perfion feature definition and data modeling

Integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics™

Reuse all existing information in your ERP system, by simple definition of a remote feature that links directly to whatever information you need.

Price Variants

Easily integrate directly to variable information, such as price variants for different currencies, customers, customer groups etc.

Extend features

Features can be coupled with categories or other features via simple drag and drop, making the information modeling both simple and intuitive yet infinitely flexible to handle the description of anything from simple to the most complex product structures. New features are immediately available and usable on management forms, catalogs, reports, web pages etc. No programming required.

Data Modeling with Perfion PIM