Perfion Supplier Portal

Exchange data seamlessly between your organization and suppliers

Effortlessly manage your supplier relationships and product data through the Perfion Supplier Portal.
Effortlessly manage your supplier relationships and product data through the Perfion Supplier Portal.


We take Product Information Management a step further.

Invite your suppliers to own and maintain relevant product data in your data universe.

Simple. Easy. Secure.


Key features:

Streamlined Product Upload: Suppliers can effortlessly upload selected products or entire catalogs through various methods, including manual data entry, file imports, and fully automated integrations with supplier data feeds.

Automatic Data Validation: Ensure data compliance with internal rules through automated validation, covering mandatory fields, data types, text formats, number ranges, and more.

Integrated Digital Asset Management: The portal supports the easy handling of digital assets. Suppliers can upload product images and files, enhancing the overall product information.

Data Transformations: Automated integrations include data transformations, such as merging data fields, trimming texts, unit conversions, and more, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Efficient Product Approval Workflow: Perfion owners can accept or reject products from supplier catalogs. Acceptance can be automated for selected suppliers, while rejected products remain in the portal for easy subsequent acceptance.

Seamless Product Integration: Accepted supplier products are seamlessly integrated into Perfion as internal products, ready for further enrichment. Internal products are intelligently linked to supplier products for comprehensive management.

Flexible Data Update Handling: Easily accept or reject subsequent supplier data updates in bulk or at the product level. Automation options are available for trusted suppliers and specific attributes.


Perfion Supplier Portal
Data exchange works seamlessly between all parties

Enhance collaboration, ensure accuracy

The Perfion Supplier Portal stands as a pivotal asset, fortifying collaboration and ensuring data accuracy in your supply chain management. Serving as a centralized hub for seamless interaction with suppliers, the portal streamlines communication, expedites approval workflows, and minimizes the risk of errors.

Suppliers benefit from a user-friendly interface supporting various data upload methods, from manual entry to fully automated integrations. The portal's data validation features guarantee compliance with internal rules, contributing to a reliable and accurate database. Additionally, its integrated digital asset management empowers suppliers to enhance product information with ease, uploading images and files effortlessly.


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