Product Managers become more agile with a PIM system

The Product Manager's product data challenges - and the solution.

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The Product Manager's product data challenges

As a product manager, it is your responsibility to manage the information at each stage of a product's lifecycle during the product release process.

You also need to keep product information updated so that current product data always reaches colleagues, customers and business partners.

This can be challenging when:

  • The number of product variants, communication channels and languages is increasing;

  • There are often changes in product lines, prices and photos just before the deadline;

  • Product data comes from many different sources that don't work together;

  • Your planning cycles are steadily getting shorter.

This is how Perfion PIM helps the Product Manager

One source of product information gives you full control
With Perfion as your central source of product information, you can update information in one place – the changes immediately take place on all your platforms and channels. This means that the quality of your data will be significantly improved. At the same time, you retain full visibility and can work more flexibly.

Collaboration goes smoothly
Perfion facilitates collaboration between you and your colleagues from marketing, sales, design, development, QA and others, because you all have simultaneous access to the necessary and most current product data. You gain greater control over product release processes and can more quickly launch new products on the market.

Brand new data in all marketing channels and languages
Today, communication takes place everywhere at once: on websites, social media and in printed materials. For multichannel communication to be successful, you need an intelligent IT infrastructure, ensuring that the current product information is synchronized everywhere – including last minute changes!

All languages supported
When the whole world is your market, you end up juggling product information in many languages – and all languages need to be updated at the same time. With Perfion, you handle product data in all languages from one central place, and your translation suppliers are automatically part of the workflow.

New features are added via drag-and-drop
Perfion supports real data inheritance, which makes it easy to add and maintain product variants using simple drag-and-drop. You are no longer dependent on the IT Department's help.

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