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The Product Manager's Challenge

Managing a moving target? You are required to keep product information up to date across an increasing number of variations, communication channels and languages in a situation where product life cycles are shortening. Sounds impossible?

[VIDEO] How Product Manager Peter brings even very complex products to market fast

Product data challenges

  • Do you experience that planning cycles are getting shorter while demand for controlled communication increases. How do you manage information in each stage of the product life cycle during the product release process?
  • How do you handle last minute changes in assortments, prices and photos just before a deadline? 
  • Are you managing product information on more communication channels, media and languages now compared to a few years back? How do you keep product information updated everywhere at all times?
  • Are product data coming from multiple sources without integration points allowing you to know when updates are made?


How Perfion helps Product Managers

One source of truth for product information brings flexibility and control
With Perfion as your central data management setup you can update product information once and apply changes everywhere. Product data management becomes straightforward and data quality improves significantly.

  • Collaborate on updated data
    Employees from marketing, sales, design, development, QA etc. can work together on perfectly coordinated product information. Your control of the product release processes is increased and you can bring new products to market faster.
  • Updated data across marketing channels and languages
    Communication is by nature multi-channel with websites, social media and print operated alongside each other. You need a smart IT-infrastructure to ensure that product information is kept in sync.
  • Multi-language support
    A global market place means product information in many languages - all of which needs simultaneously updating. Perfion gives you a central setup to manage product information across languages. the translation agencies you use are looped into the workflow.
  • Drag & drop configuration of new features
    It becomes easy to manage and update product information across multiple media like portals, website, datasheets, pricelists and brochures. The setup supports true data in heritage that enables easy maintenance of product variants.


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