Multi Channel Marketing

With the Perfion Product Information Management PIM system you keep all product data in sync from one single source of truth for all marketing channels.

Challenges when data is stored everywhere

How to keep product information in sync in a multi-channel marketing environment? Are you doing multi-channel marketing in a global environment, juggling an ever increasing number of communication platforms? We know that the task of maintaining up to date product information can be overwhelming!

Perfion PIM meets the challenges of multi-channel marketing
  • How do you keep product information synchronized across multiple communication platforms and media such as public websites, supplier portals, web-shops, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, fact sheets, social media, direct mails and newsletters?
  • Are you certain that all language versions are up-to-date across communication platforms and media?
  • Do you stay close to prioritized customer segments with differentiated assortments, layouts, style sheets, texts and images while keeping core product information consistent?
  • Do your sales and marketing materials reflect the latest changes in assortments, features and prices? 


Benefits from using a PIM system

Update product information once - apply everywhere!

With Perfion you get one source for updated product information, allowing you to focus on your real job: doing outstanding marketing across multiple channels. No more worrying about keeping product data in sync. 

  • Differentiate communication across segments
    Differentiate across your target groups with content, layout and assortments tailored to each segment - and be certain that product information stays synchronized. 
  • Run multiple communication channels
    Incorporate new communication channels like social media, syndicated banners and mobile apps to your marketing mix without adding complexity of keeping product information updated yet another place. Digital assets are automatically delivered in any format across all communication channels.
  • Manage localized content
    Serve all your markets in local language and lower your entry barrier for new markets. By linking product information to templates for marketing materials and integrating translation agencies into your work flow, it becomes easy to manage and add language variations.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    Provide up-to-date product and marketing materials online, for instance on your web-shop and in fact sheets. Customers will appreciate it and sales will love it.
Product Information Management