E-catalogs and classification systems

With Perfion as the base, you can create reliable, up-to-date electronic product catalogs that comply with international standards and formats.

Create electronic product catalogs that comply with international standards with Perfion PIM
Create electronic product catalogs that comply with international standards

Electronic catalogs via standard software

Whether you need to exchange data with other companies (B2B) or provide data to online marketplaces, the demand for fast, automated processes is constantly growing.

Global standards are emerging as a replacement for 1:1 custom solutions between the sender and the recipient. At the same time, the diversity of standards means that you still must be able to deliver data in many different formats. Your recipients expect it.

With Perfion as a PIM solution, there are several possible ways to achieve the goal.

  • If you have defined export/import tasks that are not terribly complex, you can easily use Perfion's built-in data mapping and export functions.
  • On the other hand, if you work with many different formats and face changing and complex classification requirements, you can use Perfion's ecatDesigner standard integration.

Perfion and ecatDesigner
ecatDesigner is a market-leading application for transferring product data to e-catalog formats and classification systems. The standard integration of ecatDesigner and Perfion makes it possible to exchange product data from Perfion with ETIM, BMEcat, GS1, 2BA, eCl @ ss, Amazon and more.

One of the great advantages of the Perfion/ecatDesigner solution is that everything is standard. That means there is no need for special coding or adaptations. You can set up and maintain your e-catalogs and classifications yourself.

Product data and classifications

In addition to the technical formatting requirements for data exchange, many vendors and data pools expect data to be designed according to a classification standard.

The goal of using classifications is to achieve consistent, validated data representation. Examples of such standards are ETIM, UNSPSC, eCl@ss, GPC, etc.

Classification systems can be quite complex, in terms of technical data requirements and in relation to market/sector management and multiple languages/regions. Moreover, they are evolving over time. That can mean that previously valid data is rejected if it is not adjusted in time. This is where the power of using standard solutions like Perfion/ecatDesigner is shown, as they are constantly updated; thus they are always in compliance with the requirements of the individual classification systems

1+1 = 3

While you maintain your product data in Perfion exactly as usual, Perfion and ecatDesigner provide a number of new options for working with data exchange in the form of electronic catalogs.

  • You can support many formats and classification systems. You can also have multiple configurations of the same output type, e.g., BMEcat.
  • Deep standard integration means no need for software customization.
  • Compliance with applicable standards is ensured.
  • You can incorporate multiple data sources.
  • You have market-leading insight and advice concerning e-catalogs.
  • You can set up and maintain e-catalogs and classifications yourself.