Product Information Management for Ucommerce: Perfion & Ucommerce make your out-of-the-box webshop burst with valuable product information

Webshops with good and comprehensive product descriptions convert visitors to buyers much better than shops without.

Using ERP and a Product Information Management (PIM) solution as the foundation for your e-commerce platform ensures high quality content.

Ucommerce, Perfion & Dynamics for a perfect webshop experience
Ucommerce, Perfion & Dynamics for a perfect webshop experience

Four major advantages of letting the Perfion PIM system handle product data for Ucommerce

  • Productive
    Re-use of your product information to online storefront
  • Efficient
    Save time by using Single Source of Truth
  • Experienced
    Two leading players in e-Commerce and PIM
  • 100% integrated
    Your ERP business information as the starting point, fully integrated
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How do webshop owners benefit from the Perfion & Ucommerce connection?

The Perfion PIM solution integrates completely into your ERP. This means that data from the ERP and Perfion can be used in conjunction with Ucommerce to generate a webshop with content which is updated real-time.

In short:

  • Business master data is managed in your ERP system

  • Perfion adds all other product information

  • Ucommerce takes care of the online publication and ordering - and sends order data to the ERP

The Ucommerce-Perfion connector

If you are already using Perfion as your Single Source of Truth for product information for e.g. catalogs, brochures, fact sheets and pricelists, the Perfion-Ucommerce Connector allows you to effortlessly re-use and publish all the product data to the online Ucommerce storefront.

Products can easily be published online while being ordered as well. Your transaction based data, such as prices, inventory etc., stay in the ERP, but can also be managed through Perfion.

Perfion PIM and Ucommerce - The best of two worlds

Both Ucommerce and Perfion are completely focused on developing extremely user-friendly “plug & play” standard solutions, ensuring really good value for money.

  • Perfion is the standard Product Information Management (PIM) solution for companies with a complex product structure or need for multi-channel, multi-language communication. With Perfion you get a single source of truth for product information which gives you control of all product data wherever they are applied.
  • Ucommerce is a leading platform for content and commerce. With Ucommerce, you get a fast time-to-market cycle, and an easy way to manage all your stores, catalogs, products and content. Ucommerce integrates with widespread CMS systems such as Umbraco, Kentico, Sitefinity and Sitecore.

Fully integrated with the ERP system

Perfion and Ucommerce can take your ERP business information as the starting point.

Perfion has been designed and developed for seamless and bi-directional integration with ERP systems. This means that data flowing between your ERP, Perfion and Ucommerce are always in perfect sync.

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