Product Information Management for BigCommerce

Improving the Product Value Chain with Enhanced eCommerce 

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the ability to present detailed, engaging product descriptions and images is a critical factor in converting visitors into buyers.  This puts a spotlight on important systems integrations.  Starting with the integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution like Perfion forms the backbone of a successful e-commerce platform. Adding an integration of PIM to an e-commerce CMS like BigCommerce completes the product value chain.   

Key Advantages of Integrating Perfion PIM with BigCommerce:

  • Productive & Efficient: Utilize Perfion to seamlessly repurpose and manage your product information, ensuring a rich and consistent online storefront experience. This integration establishes a Single Source of Truth for your product data, streamlining operations and saving valuable time.
  • Experienced Expertise: Benefit from the collective strengths of two industry leaders in e-commerce and PIM, guaranteeing an unparalleled solution that enhances your e-commerce strategy.
  • 100% Integrated: Begin with your existing Dynamics/SAP business information, achieving a fully integrated, cohesive data flow with Perfion and BigCommerce, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Unleashing E-commerce Potential with Perfion & BigCommerce:

The strategic partnership between BigCommerce and Perfion not only simplifies the management of your product catalog but also amplifies the shopping experience with detailed, accurate product information. This integration:

  • Streamlines Your Online Presence: By efficiently managing the online publication and ordering process, BigCommerce, paired with Perfion's comprehensive product information management, enriches the customer shopping experience.
  • Enables Effortless Data Reuse: Businesses already leveraging Perfion for product information find that integrating with BigCommerce facilitates the easy online publication of this data, ensuring that products are displayed with the latest details and pricing.
  • Maximizes Reach and Profitability: BigCommerce provides a scalable platform that supports businesses in achieving global reach and operational efficiency, while Perfion offers a centralized source of truth for managing complex product structures and multi-channel, multi-language marketing needs.

The BigCommerce-Perfion Connector

This connector stands as a testament to the seamless integration between Perfion's robust PIM capabilities and BigCommerce's flexible e-commerce solutions. It ensures that products are easily published and ordered online, with transaction-based data like prices and inventory meticulously managed in Dynamics/SAP or directly through Perfion.


Combining Forces for Maximum E-commerce Impact:

Perfion and BigCommerce are committed to delivering user-friendly, "plug & play" solutions that provide exceptional value and streamline e-commerce operations. This partnership leverages your existing Dynamics/SAP business information to create a powerful, efficient, and integrated e-commerce solution, ready to meet today's online shopping demands and drive sales through comprehensive and accurate product information.