Open & Accessible

Perfion brings together all of your disparate product information to a central view, making it a breeze to share and use it for any purpose across your multiple commerce and marketing channels.

Image & File Server

Deliver all files and images over the Internet via a Web Server. Perfion will automatically scale and re-purpose up-to-date images upon request for your Web Pages, e-commerce or other purposes.

Open Data API

Perfion is a 100% open system. A very easy API, allows you to search for and retrieve all the information in real-time via a Web Service. This makes it possible to build customized applications that extend functionality or reuse information for any imaginable purpose, such as enhanced product information for your Web CMS or e-commerce.

Data Exchange & Classification

Since any data can be modeled and any number of product hierarchies can be maintained, preparation and alignment of all your product information with external partners, market places, data pools and various standardization initiatives (e.g. UNSPC, eCl@ss etc.) becomes very simple.

Import & Export

Information about your products or other related data, can easily be imported into Perfion or updated via external data files such as Microsoft Excel, Xml and Csv etc., making it possible to consume updated information from partners very fast.

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