Web Content Management (CMS)

Your public website is important, but it is really just one of many Commerce and Marketing channels that you need to support in order to secure your business and share of your target market.

You decide - Perfion supports it

Perfion can integrate simply and elegantly into any existing or future Web CMS platform you desire to use, such as e.g. SiteCore, EpiServer, Umbraco, WordPress, Typo3, SiteFinity, etc.

With its easy and high-performance xml-based API, Perfion makes it simple to enhance your website presence with much more information:

  • Navigation hierarchies (e.g. menus & categorizations)
  • Customizable Product Searches
  • Product lists
  • Pages with detailed Product information
  • Photos
  • Technical data
  • Video
  • Product Comparisons
Web Content Management with Perfion PIM