With a Perfion-Channable integration, your product data can flow easily to hundreds of channels

Manage and record all product information in the Perfion PIM System and synchronize your data with Channable.


Channable together with Perfion PIM

The Perfion-Channable Connector is the perfect solution for central product data management and seamless integration with Channable.

The product data, images, categories and product descriptions are made available as a product feed to be directly configurable and used inside Channable.

The connection is set up in a couple of hours and allows you to easily create various feeds in different formats, as required by your partners, in an easy to use interface.

Central product management for Channable with Perfion

Benefit from central data management for your products and significantly reduced maintenance work. Thanks to the seamless and automated transfer of the data, you will only have to maintain product information in the product information management system (PIM) in the future.

Perfion-Channable connector was developed by German Perfion partner t2consult.

Your contact partner for further information:
Tobias Twardon, t2consult
E-mail: info@t2consult.net
Tel: +49 721 486 90543  

Perfion PIM and Channable – a strong team

With the PIM system from Perfion and Channable, you can rely on two high-performance solutions in e-commerce.

The Perfion PIM system offers companies the ideal solution for managing complex product structures or for communication in multiple languages across a number of channels. Perfion therefore offers a central, reliable source for all your product information.

With Channable, you benefit from a powerful tool to transform your product data with "click and run" rules and provide them in a huge variety of different formats for your partners. 

Perfion PIM & Channable

Overview of functions

  • Seamless integration in your existing systems
  • Transfer of product data, images, documents, and categories
  • Automated synchronization of your product information and master data

The data sent to Channable can also be expanded flexibly with data coming from an ERP system. The combination of ERP, the Perfion PIM system and Channable enables cross-channel product sales, where all of your products have the same product data.

The advantages

Central data management
Product master data is managed and maintained and new information added in one location

Fewer errors
Information losses are reduced thanks to standardized information on all systems

More compact processes
Central data management reduces manual work steps and saves time

The Perfion API enables the Perfion-Channable integration to be adapted to your individual requirements

System requirements

Only two systems are required:

  • Perfion product information management solution 
  • Channable subscription (according to your requirements)