PIMedia - Easy distribution of media files from Perfion

With the PIMedia web module, you can easily distribute product images, product assets and other media files from Perfion to your business partners.

Are you spending way too much time packing and distributing product assets to your business partners?

Via PIMedia, the self-service media library, product images and product texts, certificates, press material and other relevant media assets from Perfion can easily be distributed.

See how PIMedia works

In this video, we show you how easily your business partners can collect their own basket of product images and assets without involving you at all.

They can browse, filter and preview your collection of different media files, and add them to the basket.

The basket's contents can be downloaded and used in your business partner's own catalogue or webshop.

Learn more about PIMedia for Perfion PIM

PIMedia has been developed by our Danish Perfion partner

Your contact for further information:
Per Groth, PICOPublish ApS
Mail: pg@picopublish.com
Tel: +45 70 27 05 04


PIMedia - Easy distribution of media files from Perfion PIM