Perfion E-Commerce API

Fast and flexible integration of product data, with a dedicated API targeted at communication with E-Commerce systems.

As a PIM solution, Perfion is always your single source of truth for product information. If you want that truth to be used and shown in an E-Commerce platform, the Perfion E-Commerce API offers what you need.

Simply configure inside Perfion how your own custom data model is transformed into “E-Commerce readable” XML output, and expose the API to the relevant systems.

Perfion E-Commerce API
Perfion E-Commerce API targeted at communication with E-Commerce systems.

The main benefit of using the Perfion E-Commerce API rather than the general API, is that the external system requires no knowledge about the data model in Perfion. Instead, it receives universally understood data based on what you have configured inside Perfion. As an abstraction layer on top of the Perfion API, the EC API reduces complexity for the requesting system and returns complete results, which sometimes would have required several Perfion API requests to achieve.

In some cases it makes sense to code a separate solution, which calls the Perfion E-Commerce API as well as the E-Commerce system. This is relevant in cases where it is not possible to let the E-Commerce System itself call the E-Commerce API.

Taking your own medicine

Perfion delivers several out-of-the-box standard integrations to E-Commerce Systems (Examples are Sana Commerce, Magento Commerce, Shopify and Ucommerce).

These integrations are built on top of the E-Commerce API, which means that the API has been verified and refined in several iterations. So whether you want to create your own custom integration, or you are asking a partner to do it for you, you can trust that the API is easy to use, flexible and reliable.

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Features of the Perfion E-Commerce API

  • Configurable from within Perfion.
  • Supported entities: Sites, products, categories, variants.
  • Supports variants in any number of dimensions.
  • Supports related products, images and attachments.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Allows for multiple shops. It even allows for shops with different configurations and shops set up in different E-Commerce Systems.
  • Supports paging and incremental queries.
  • Comprehensive, but still simple, XML-output.
  • Easy debugging using built-in Perfion API Query Tool.
  • Thorough and easy-to-follow documentation

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Perfion E-Commmerce API