Data Inheritance

The Perfion Product Information Management system incorporates data inheritance functionality.  

The strong data inheritance functionality makes the Perfion PIM solution especially suitable for companies in need to automate the tasks associated with Product Information Management.

If your products come with many different features and/or have large data sets in different systems, you can benefit significantly from data inheritance.

How Data Inheritance works

When you create a new product in the PIM system, the product can inherit the data it has in common with other products in the same product group. Some examples are variants like: colors, weight, size, material, images, supplier, etc.

Consequently, only the specific data that differs for the new product variants must be entered manually — and, if needed, you can easily create the extra fields for new product features in Perfion yourself, without the help of the IT department.


Data inheritance with Perfion PIM example

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On the image above, you can see the product group “BODUM BISTRO” and two mugs that are members of this product group.

The mugs’ group image, brand name, weight and volume are the same for both mugs. They are stored in Perfion at product group level and the data is inherited to the mugs (the grey fields) at item level. In this way, only the remaining data must be entered manually for each specific cup.

The advantages of Data Inheritance functionality

Perfion’s data inheritance functionality increases automation, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors because the system has already acquired data from similar products. It ensures consistent data everywhere because the data stored at product group level will always be the same for all products within a product group.

The advantages in short:

  • Increased automation
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Time saved
  • Consistent data everywhere

Perfion users about the Data Inheritance functionality:

Trollbeads & Perfion PIM

The best thing about Perfion is the inheritance functionality. It saves us huge amounts of time not having to re-enter all data from scratch every time.

Marc Aron Bøgh Barnholdt
IT Manager
Trollbeads A/S

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Wentronic & Perfion PIM

Perfion's mass data maintenance and inheritance convinced us.

Marcel Greulich
Software Developer
Wentronic GmbH

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