Product Information Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Perfion is Microsoft Gold PartnerPerfion gives you Product Information Management (PIM) – 100% integrated into your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP solution. With Perfion PIM, you can work directly with real-time ERP information such as prices and inventories from the same place that you manage all other types of product data.

Product Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Perfion PIM

Using the Perfion PIM system directly in Dynamics 365 enables you to:

  • Manage all of your product data in Perfion – descriptions, technical specifications, pictures, video materials, etc. – TOGETHER WITH transactional data from Dynamics 365, all in one place.

  • Dynamically generate brochures, data sheets and other marketing materials with always-updated data in a print-ready PDF format.

  • Easily export product data from Perfion and Dynamics 365 to apps, websites, webshops and online portals.
Perfion integrates Product Information Management 100% into Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

The advantage of 100% PIM integration in Dynamics 365 FO
Working with Perfion directly in Dynamics 365 keeps your ERP system simple and streamlined. Only transactional data is stored in your ERP system – all other data is stored in  Perfion. This ensures a higher degree of standardization and fewer adaptations in your ERP solution, while giving you the power to work with data from both systems at the same time.

The advantage of fewer adaptations in Dynamics 365 FO 
Limiting the number of adaptations in your ERP system lowers the system’s operating costs, and storing only transactional data in the ERP system improves its performance. It is also faster and easier to upgrade to new versions when you have fewer adaptations to consider.

The advantage of creating publications directly in Perfion
When dynamically creating brochures, data sheets and other publications with Perfion integrated in Dynamics 365, Perfion retrieves data from the ERP system at the very moment it is to be used.  This ensures that all data in your new publication is valid and up-to-date.

You can also quickly generate catalogs, price lists and data sheets with content and prices adapted for specific customers. Perfion retrieves prices, products, customer and inventory information directly from Dynamics 365, which minimizes the risk of error.

Sales-ready products are easily released from Perfion to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Given that the life of a product typically begins long before it should be registered in the ERP system, it is often useful to register new products in Perfion first.

The Perfion Release2ERP for D365FO module makes it quick and easy to configure a release process that automatically releases products to Dynamics 365 when they meet predefined criteria. The required fields in Dynamics 365 can either be filled in automatically, or a process can be triggered so that the product is released when all business-critical information is available.

The advantage of registering products in Perfion first
During the development and evaluation of potential new products, you often need to collect and store a lot of product information. However, it is important that the product avoid contact with the ERP system until it is actually ready for sale.

The advantages of using Perfion as an intermediate station become clear in situations such as:

  • You ultimately decide against selling a newly developed product, so you never need to register it in your ERP system.

  • You receive product updates for thousands of products from suppliers. These updates flow into Perfion automatically and then you can decide which information to import into the ERP system.

With Perfion as a connecting link, you avoid registering a lot of irrelevant products in Dynamics 365, which further helps to keep your ERP system simple and streamlined.

Master Data Management with the PIM system

All product data from Perfion is also accessible in Dynamics 365. Some types of business data must be stored in a specific way in Dynamics 365 to ensure optimal performance. You can either:

  • Use Perfion to link to live data from Dynamics 365, or

  • Use Perfion as a source of master data to keep Dynamics 365 updated.

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