Life Cycle Management

The life of a product often starts long before it needs to appear in marketing material and on the web-site, and needs to undergo an evaluation and approval process until it can be released to the market. During this process you need a place to store the information and track the process.

For Distributors

If you are a distributor, you often have a large volume of different types of products with many different data and images associated. If available, you get as much information as possible from your suppliers, but you need to integrate this information into your own infrastructure, and ultimately you are responsible to your customers that data and prices are correct. Among 1000s of products from many different suppliers, some of the challenges are, to identify:

  • Changes in Product data (Evaluate, Enhance, Approve)
  • New products
  • De-activated products and substitute products
  • Re-activated products etc.

In all cases you need to Evaluate, Enhance and Approve products, changes etc.

For Season Planning 

With Perfion you can easily maintain data about your products for your current season independently of the next or multiple upcoming seasons.

  • Maintain assortment and product data for current season
  • Plan, schedule and prepare products and data for new seasons, without disturbing the current season.
  • Carry-over products from current season to new seasons
  • Find out what is missing for products to be ready for the next season (e.g. missing photos, descriptions, documentation, approvals etc.)

For Purchasing & Sourcing Process

  • Supplier evaluation
  • Supplier specifications (drawings, sketches, technical specs. etc.)
  • Quality Assurance specifications

Release Management

When products meet defined criteria they can be released to:

  • ERP system for prices and transaction handling
  • Published to web-site and e-commerce

All of which can be connected live to Perfion for a smooth and automatic process.