Xactuell with integrated Product Information Management

Dynamic Database Publishing with Xactuell and the Perfion PIM system

Xactuell is a fully developed Dynamic Database Publishing solution for Adobe InDesign.

Perfion and Xactuell ensure always updated product information in your catalogsIf you create the following publication types:

  • Catalogues
  • Price lists
  • Data sheets
  • Product descriptions

or frequently have to carry out the following activities in these publications:

  • Text changes
  • Change in language
  • Price change
  • Material change
  • General update

Xactuell helps to simplify and speed up the work considerably, and to avoid errors.

Xactuell brings the information from data sources like the Perfion PIM system directly into the layout document.

This means that you can work with the layout as usual and adopt text, images or language versions, for example, from Perfion into the layout at any time.

Dynamic Database Publishing with Xactuell and the Perfion PIM System

Perfion's partner Codeware has implemented a generally valid Perfion Connector in Xactuell 9 using the CDAPI 2.0 based on the SOAP API of the Perfion PIM, which makes the data attributes and structures created in the Perfion PIM available transparently in Xactuell 9 for use in Adobe InDesign documents.

Perfion/Xactuell Connector

The Perfion PIM data can be prepared easily within Xactuell 9 based on the specific media, meaning that no IT knowledge is required. Media designers can therefore create data connections, media specialisation of the data and the data templates themselves.

A one-day training session is all that is required.

With the Xactuell Perfion Connector, texts, text frames, image frames or even tables can be filled easily with data from the Perfion PIM system and updated later. Images are downloaded from Perfion as required.

With this Xactuell Perfion Connector, all Perfion export structures are available within Xactuell 9 in the Xactuell 9 Center with data previews immediately after logging in to the Perfion PIM – no further configuration is required – simply log in once and you're ready to go!

The  Perfion/Xactuell Connector has been developed by our German Perfion partner Codeware


For further information please contact:

Leonard Marin, Codeware GmbH
E-Mail: marin@codeware.de
Tel: +49 711 656 791 60