Product Catalogs with Adobe InDesign

You create your product catalogs much faster using a PIM system, and all product data is always up-to-date. 

Perfion Product Information Management integrates seamlessly with professional design tools for Adobe InDesign. Whether you want to have full control over the design process page-by-page or you want a more automated process.

Full control and flexibility with Perfion PIM

For your designed catalogs, where every page has an individual touch, and it has to fit an exact number of pages, you need full control in Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign catalog created with Perfion PIM

Directly inside your Adobe InDesign application, you can access all data and images from a Perfion organized project via an easy-to-use Plug-In.

Create your own designed templates inside InDesign and reuse them for many different products, and mix with manually created content in InDesign. When product data or images change in Perfion, you can update your InDesign document automatically with all the changes.

By adding layout information to your project in Perfion, you can even automate the pagination process in InDesign to automatically flow all or selected product items across several pages.