PIM for InDesign: Update your Adobe InDesign catalogs automatically with real-time product information from the Perfion PIM system

You can create both printed and digital product catalogs much faster with a PIM system, and all product data is always up-to-date.

Texts, data and images are centrally maintained

The Perfion Product Information Management system integrates seamlessly with professional design tools such as Adobe InDesign. Connections are established via a user-friendly add-on.

This means that from within Adobe InDesign you have direct access to all the texts, data and images stored in the Perfion PIM system, where they are centrally maintained and updated. When product information or images are changed in Perfion, you can automatically update your InDesign catalogue files and other InDesign documents with the changes.

So, when talking about catalog publishing software, Perfion PIM is the Product Information Management system that handles all product data for your InDesign catalog. Thus, it is a catalog management system, not a product catalog builder software.

Automatic product data flow into the InDesign catalog

With the Perfion PIM system, the massive data exchange among everyone normally involved in catalog production stops, as the manual adjustments can be replaced by automatic updates. The product information (text, images, etc.) from Perfion thus flows directly into the correct places on the catalog template. The same applies to prices and other data from your ERP system, which also works 100% with the PIM system.

The time-consuming proofreading procedures for catalog, price list and data sheet files are also a thing of the past. Any errors are corrected in the PIM system, and your catalog files are automatically updated with the correct data, if you wish. Even last-minute proofs are included right up to the start of printing, when working with printed catalogs. Catalog automation has never been easier.

When all data is processed in one place, the risk of error is minimized. Catalog production time is also shortened, as you no longer need to double check that the data is correct.

New catalog pages are created automatically – or you take control yourself

The design and catalog templates created in InDesign can be reused for many different materials, whether you want to have full page-by-page control of the design process or prefer a more automated process.

For an ultimate product catalogue where each page needs an individual feel and the content needs to fit a certain number of pages, you can continue to take full control of Adobe InDesign. By adding layout information to your project in Perfion, you can also choose to automate InDesign's page creation so that all or selected product elements are automatically distributed over more or fewer pages.

Start on the catalog before product data is ready

In the Perfion PIM system, the company's various departments can continuously add data to new products. This means that Marketing can start setting up catalogs even if all the product details are not yet in place. The products can be set up in the catalog and it can be prepared for publication, even if translations, product photos, etc. are missing or products have not yet been set up in the ERP system. When departments later add or update information in the PIM system, the information is also updated in the initiated catalog.

Because Marketing can start on a catalog before all the product information is available, the time-to-market of new products is often significantly shortened.