PIM Connect - Easily share your product information from Perfion via mobile

View or share your Perfion product information easily via mobile with PIM Connect and maintain full control over the shared information.

PIM Connect

PIM Connect App

With the PIM Connect Platform and the PIM Connect App you have full control over the information that you share. The PIM Connect Platform has role management, you decide what can be requested and by whom.

Share the desired information quickly and up-to-date via the mobile app of PIM Connect.

Instantly share product features and media information via email, whatsapp or other apps on your mobile.

Perfion and PIM Connect

Any time & any place

Your Perfion product information is via the Perfion WEB API connected to the PIM Connect platform. This regulates all APP users that you yourself have invited as users, with roles and rights that you have specified.

  • All product features and available media information directly available from Perfion.
  • Fully managed and controlled via the online PIM Connect platform.
  • The app is fully based on the Perfion standards, so no need to develop your own app.
  • Operational and ready for the app users in just one day.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) means that you do not pay annual maintenance for updating the app and the platform, this is included in the monthly fee per user.
  • PIM Connect is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ for companies that want to guarantee quality, save costs and want to connect with the ever-growing mobile needs of end users and customers.
  • 73% of users perform the first orientating searches on a mobile. ‘Any time and any place’ is a requirement.


Billede Af Pimconnect Brochurer

Find much more details in the PIM Connect brochure:

Download PIM Connect brochure

PIM Connect has been developed by our Dutch Perfion partner Bluedesk E-Business


For further information please contact:

Barry Tempelaar, Bluedesk E-Business B.V.
E-Mail: b.tempelaar@bluedesk.nl
Tel: +31 72 520 03 10