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With Perfion we can change and add fields fast and easy

“Although our product line has experienced a tremendous growth - 20 percent in three years - we have not added more staff. This has been possible because the Perfion PIM solution enables us to work extremely efficient with our product data” Rose Finley, Director of Technology - Quoizel


In the past, Quoizel - an American industry leader in Home lighting - managed the product information of their 20,000 items in three separate Access and MySQL databases, one for each business line. Each database had a different process as the products were created for different strategies.

The lighting industry has experienced many changes, from bulbs to LEDs, the source of the lighting and how it is described. All these new options required a tool to add new fields faster. When Quoizel changed their way of managing product creation, the old way of handling product data got unwieldy. The Access databases were outdated and it was difficult to add and change fields.

An easy-to-use, centralized Product Information Management solution was needed.

Solution & Benefits

The Perfion PIM solution was a perfect match for several reasons:

  1. 100% integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Fields are easily added or changed
  3. Transparent data overview
  4. Filtering functionality
  5. Customizable grid view allowing each user to work with data in a selected order
  6. Import and export possibilities
  7. Ability to attach many different images and other data types to an item

At Quoizel, Perfion is working seamlessly together with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 so that all product data can be handled from only one place. The next step will be a migration to D365.

Every 15 minutes, all the information stored in Perfion is automatically exported to Quoizel’s product information data warehouse. From there it is published:

  • On the website and webshop
  • On the iPad sales rep tool
  • In several data sheets for customers so they get updated data to import into their systems.

Quoizel’s catalog is packed with product information from the Perfion PIM solution

Quoizel’s catalog is also created with data from Perfion and so are the product spec sheet PDF’s that can be downloaded from the website.

Dynamically created spec sheets with data from Perfion can be downloaded from Quoizel’s website.

Via an online marketing collaboration platform, product information from Perfion is distributed to Quoizel’s retailers.

The team is much more efficient with Perfion
Employees at Quoizel’s office in South Carolina and China collaborate in one centralized system. Therefore it is no longer necessary to send information back and forth. Since working with the Perfion PIM solution, the whole team has become much more efficient.

With everybody having one process it is also easier to provide visibility across divisions. If a new lighting item is created for a division and it turns out that it belongs to, e.g., a higher-end brand, changes can be made without having to re-enter all the data in a different database.

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About Quoizel

Quoizel is one of the leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting in the USA. Since 1930, Quoizel has made it a practice to keep in step with evolving fashion trends in home décor and interior design around the world.

Since 2014, Quoizel manages product information with the Perfion PIM system.