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With Perfion PIM we easily manage product data of 50,000 SKUs in 4 languages

“With Perfion PIM we manage the data of 50.000 products in an easy structure. New items and data can be added really fast. Perfion is a high-performing and reliable solution” Jef De Meutter, CEO, dmlights

Back in 2012, dmlights – one of the world’s biggest online lighting stores – was still managing product information in spreadsheets. From here, files had to be converted manually to be imported into the eCommerce platform.


The company’s product information challenge was simple:

With 100 different brands and more than 50,000 products, it was no longer suitable to work with disjointed data sources. It was difficult to filter and find the products and insufficient performance was a big issue. Changes could be made one at a time in the webshop, but it was an extremely time consuming task.

Solution & benefits

An efficient Product Information Management solution with complete integration to the company’s eCommerce platform was needed and Perfion was chosen because of it’s flexibility and functionality.

Since 2012, dmlights’ eCommerce platform has been fully integrated with the Perfion PIM system. Consequently, all the product information, descriptions and images managed in Perfion are automatically displayed in the webshop. If product data changes in the PIM system, the changes become visible after processing.

Perfion feeds dmlights’ eCommerce website with current product descriptions, technical details, accessory information, images, etc.

Perfion’s straightforward filtering functionality allows dmlights’ online customers to filter lamps and electrical supplies easily by a large number of different classifications and more than 250 attributes. 

The formula functionality makes it easy for dmlights to describe products. Formulas make it possible to use values from other features in texts or descriptions. This ensures consistency and reduces necessary updates. If a value is changed, it will change in the descriptions as well. It is no longer necessary to check everywhere that the correct data is displayed. 

All product data at dmlights is available in Dutch, English, German and French. A future plan of adding Chinese as well can also come true, as Perfion supports all languages. 

Every product journey starts in the PIM system
Dmlights is always creating new products in the PIM system first. As the PIM system is not limited by pre-defined input fields, it is possible to add all specifications in a simple way. When a product is ready, its article number and description are imported into the ERP system. In this way, the ERP system is kept clean from products that are not yet ready for sale. 

Because it is so easy to manage product data in Perfion, the products’ time-to-market is now much shorter than in the past. 

WMS pulls barcodes from Perfion automatically
Dmlights has moved to a Warehouse Management System with full barcode and wireless scanner support. Because all SKUs are stored in Perfion, it has been pure child’s play to import all the barcodes from the suppliers into Perfion. A connection between Perfion and the WMS software allows the WMS to pull out the barcodes from Perfion automatically.

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About dmlights

Dmlights was launched in 2004 and is today one of the world’s biggest online stores of design lighting, accessories and electrical supplies with more than 50,000 different products by 100 quality manufacturers. 

The company is situated in Belgium.