Time to Market

How to act fast while keeping product information up-to-date?


Meeting changing market demands is more important than ever. Trends occur here and now so you need to be agile. Given that product information is scattered across segments, platforms, media and languages that is anything but simple.

Reduce Time to Market with Perfion Product Information Management
  • Can you manage more seasons and shorter life cycles while keeping product information up to date? Are product data kept in sync when each functional unit gets less time to fulfill their tasks in the release cycle?

  • Are last-minute changes to product assortments, prices, photos and data handled on an ad-hoc basis when an upcoming product release or marketing campaign is approaching?

  • Do you face an increasing number of markets and languages to be supported, followed by the need for deeper collaboration with translation agencies?

  • Is your setup flexible enough to market your products under OEM agreements? How much of your existing marketing material can be reused with another company's identity simply by updating templates and applying to your existing product information? 

Benefits from using a PIM system

Manage product information across sites and media in an instant
With Perfion you get the ability to act immediately on market changes and thus bring your product to market faster. Some of the benefits you will experience are:

  • Seamless product information sharing
    You and your colleagues across functions will be working together on updated and perfectly coordinated product information. Changes are applied as they become available and information sharing stops being a bottleneck.

  • Agility to handle changes quickly
    Updating product information becomes easy, also when launch deadlines are approaching and changes need to happen fast. Enter data once and all your product materials are updated. Quickly, efficient, reliable.

  • Handle more collections with fewer resources
    With Perfion you can instantly update product information across multiple sites and media. Control of the product release cycle and data quality increases and changes are applied in less time.