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With Perfion we maintain product information 3-4 times faster

“One of Perfion’s great benefits is its seamless interaction with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Other valuable benefits are the way information can be applied to all variants of a product through inheritance. And of course that you can extremely easily move features around and make your changes without any special efforts. But the very best of all is to have all our product information in one single database: Content, movies, images, marketing stuff..." Henk Zandbergen, Project Manager, Van Ommen B.V.


Before Perfion, Van Ommen was using a module for catalog information that was developed by in-house programmers for their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. This solution could no longer meet the company’s demands.

Van Ommen needed more flexibility to add all the new languages for new countries that they wanted to build websites for. With the old system, they had a limitation of 5 languages. Another great challenge was that they were not able to save e.g. product images, video or other marketing material directly in the ERP system like they can in the Perfion Product Information Management PIM system.

Solution & benefits

Van Ommen wanted a 100% standard PIM solution to replace their 7 years old own-developed advanced solution. Perfion was implemented with only 4 days of consultancy support and is now allowing Van Ommen to do everything themselves with no programming required.

Van Ommen is primarily using Perfion for creating output for their new website and for parts of their enourmous product catalog. Both website and catalog contain all the 25.000 products that the company is always keeping in stock.

Van Ommen’s enourmous catalog containing information about 25.000 different products is created in several language variations managed by Perfion.

E-Commerce based on Sana Commerce and Perfion PIM

Van Ommen’s new website is based on the Sana Commerce e-Commerce solution that is, like Perfion, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV. The combination of Sana Commerce and Perfion (through a specially developed connector) has resulted in a very strong and extremely user-friendly “plug & play” standard solution, which has afterwards been tailored for Van Ommen.

Because of the perfect integration between Perfion and Sana Commerce, it takes no time to update information and publish it to the online catalog at once.

Using Perfion, Van Ommen is managing product information 3-4 times faster than before.

Perfion handles all catalog data
In connection with the putting into operation of Perfion, Van Ommen is redesigning their catalog into a more European format: A few versions, each containing several language variations, managed by Perfion. This improvement will save Van Ommen a lot of printing costs.

Special tool selector
Another thing that the company wants to create is a special tool selector, also based on Perfion. The tool selector is a smart piece of software that guides the customer through all the necessary information - material, kind of handling (drilling, tapping), etc. - in order to find exactly the tool that he needs for his purpose.


All Van Ommen’s product information and images are easily maintained through Perfion.

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About Van Ommen

Van Ommen B.V. is an important Dutch wholesaler and importer of a deep and wide range of drills, taps, mills, saws and other cutting and clamping tools for the metal industry. All 25.000 articles are always in stock for delivery within a single business day.

The company’s most prominent products are their own brands: Phantom, International Tools and Torax. In addition, Van Ommen has its own workshop facilities to meet special band saw requirements.

The majority of Van Ommen’s customers are situated in Europe.