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Perfion makes it even more attractive for members to join us

“With Perfion we can offer our members a much more flexible Product Data Management setup and provide data for their webshops and mobile apps in all the languages they need. Perfion makes it further attractive for members to join us and helps us take a big step ahead of our competition. We will be profiting far more from Perfion than we imagined” Ronald La Croix, Relationship Manager - Zevij-Necomij B.V.

Zevij-Necomij is a purchasing organization for wholesalers in the technical sector and the professional hardware trade. The organization’s activities lead to improvements in the purchasing and marketing position of all of the affiliated wholesalers, but also to a significant reduction in costs.


Zevij-Necomij’s members get their product data from EZ-base that is THE Dutch industry specific database containing uniform, rich article information on more than 2 million items uploaded by suppliers.

Not all suppliers are a member of EZ-base, so for the affiliated wholesalers of Zevij-Necomij, EZ-base also works as a Product Information Management system allowing the wholesalers to add their own data, with limited options. E.g. they cannot upload own-produced videos. Furthermore, it is possible, but difficult, for the wholesalers to make their own classifications in EZ-base. Interaction of information from an ERP to EZ-base and from there to a webshop is possible, but not that flexible.

In order to solve these and other challenges, Zevij-Necomij wanted to offer their members a more flexible PIM solution in addition to EZ-base.

Solution & Benefits

In Perfion PIM, Zevij-Necomij found what they were looking for: A Microsoft based, easy-to-use standard PIM solution.

Every day, an up-to-date copy of the EZ-base database is imported into Perfion. From Perfion in the cloud, the EZ-base product data can be distributed directly to the wholesalers’ apps and webshops. Each wholesaler can also put all kinds of additional information and files into Perfion together with his EZ base information and thus store everything together in one single place – texts, images, videos, everything...

He can also integrate Perfion directly with his own ERP and webshop, so he only has to check a box in his ERP to publish an article with all related product data in the webshop.

Product data in all languages
While EZ-base only contains product data in the languages that the suppliers provide, Perfion will, in time, add translations and make all the imported product data available in Dutch, English, German and French.

One app for everyone
As one of their services, Zevij-Necomij is offering a mobile app that all members can use and adjust with their own logo and corporate data. With the app – that gets all product data directly from Perfion – customers can view the range and easily find products from all contract suppliers. The Zevij-Necomij app saves the members the cost and effort of developing their own individual apps.

Perfion feeds Zevij-Necomij’s app with product data from all contract suppliers

Branded webshops with data from Perfion

Perfion feeds product data directly to the webshop (4tecx is the private label of Zevij-Necomij) that is based on the Sana Commerce platform. Zevij-Necomij offers webshops to the members as well. These webshops can be connected to Perfion. As Perfion allows complete flexibility in data modeling, it is easy to create webshops with content adjusted to each member’s different customer groups.

As Perfion allows complete flexibility in data modeling, it is easy to create a webshop with content adjusted to a specific customer group

Catalogs, newsletters and factsheets

Because Perfion also works seamlessly together with InDesign, Zevij-Necomij is creating catalogs with product data and images directly from Perfion. The next move will be to let Perfion feed newsletters and fact sheets.

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About Zevij-Necomij

Zevij-Necomij is a purchasing organisation for technical wholesalers and the ironmongery trade. The complete range takes in all products in the ironmongery, tool, machinery and hanging and joining work sectors.

The companies affiliated to Zevij-Necomij are wholesale organisations in ironmongery and tools. Together, these organisations have over 480 branches, spread throughout the Nether-lands and Belgium.