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Maximum quality and flexibility in all product data

“In terms of product data, Perfion provides great flexibility. We can model our fields and expand and change the model ourselves. We can specify the level of detail of product data to an extent that is not possible or meaningful in ERP systems. We have a much better overview now that we are using Perfion. Perfion enables us to publish and price products for e-commerce which we have not created in our ERP system. It allows us great flexibility in terms of composing our assortments.” Jan Poulsen Skrubbeltrang, IT Manager, Mogens Daarbak A/S

Mogens Daarbak A/S is an office solutions company with a wealth of different business areas (including e.g. office supplies, technical service and support, fruit schemes, plant service and warehousing & logistics). The many types of products provide great variance in the composition of master data. With more than 200 property fields, some of which must be translated into 3 languages​​, there is really a lot to keep track of. 


With the wish of being shortly able to expand the amount of item numbers from 26,500 to 300,000, the company needed a more efficient solution for managing product information than just the ERP system and a number of Excel spreadsheets. 

The solution should also support segmentation of the product range and prices in the publicly available e-commerce solution.

Solution & benefits

Using Perfion, Mogens Daarbak now has one common administration tool to manage the process of finishing and publishing product data to the public web and to the B2B webshop from multiple data sources (ERP, vendor files, etc.)

Translation of product information is handled easily and simply in Perfion

Translation of product information is handled easily and simply in Perfion. The translated text is automatically inherited to products with the same data. This ensures consistency of information and terminology, and the company saves a lot of resources.

At the same time, the company has a central place for managing images for web and catalog production, as well as for user manuals, assembly instructions, safety data sheets, maintenance manuals etc.

Via Perfion’s web service interface, images and documents are displayed in the web shop and in digital customer catalogs. In the catalogs shown on the web, Perfion segments product offerings and prices, so that a user who is not logged in views other prices than the B2B customer who is logged in.

Perfion controls the many different editors’ access to product data, since the data view is role and context specific.

With Perfion, Mogens Daarbak have achieved great flexibility in their product data model that can quickly and easily be expanded and changed by the employees. They can also specify the level of detail of product data to an extent that is not possible or meaningful in ERP systems. Hereby Perfion ensures a higher data quality for the product search functionality in the e-commerce solution, and at the same time Perfion helps to SEO optimize product links and landing pages.

Perfion PIM saves Daarbak a lot of precious time and resources.

The possibility to create virtual product levels from which data is inherited, significantly reduces the number of contact points for maintenance of master data. This saves a lot of precious time and resources.

Filters in Perfion PIM

Webshop with product information from Perfion PIM

In the webshop, users can quickly find the desired products by using filters that are easily established in Perfion.

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About Mogens Daarbak

Mogens Daarbak A/S is a Danish family-owned office solutions company and a nationwide, full service provider with approx. 135 employees. The company is headquartered in Aalborg and has 8 other locations throughout Denmark. 

Mogens Daarbak’s marketing strategy is three-part: Outreach concept sales/consultants, physical stores, and e-commerce. 

The unique and broad mix of products and services is sold to private companies and the public sector.