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The new product configurator shows 15.600 billion variants of our tables with data from Perfion

"Our vision was to make our business much more scalable and this has been achieved. It would have been impossible to generate the desired growth without the digital service platform that the Perfion PIM system is part of". Henrik Mark Mogensen, Executive Director - COO, B8


B8, a vendor of furnishing solutions for companies and public institutions, has 50,000 components and products to manage.

Previously, B8 handled product data in a number of systems: In ERP, in different folders, and in a separate image database. The many locations made it hard to find product information and duplicate data was created because of the lack of overview. At the same time it was hard to see what data was actually missing. To gather all information for offers and promotions and for advertisements and product data sheets was time consuming and cumbersome.

Solution & Benefits

B8 has chosen the Perfion PIM system to be the company’s only future product data source - and here the need for a flexible and lean solution that could go live quickly was a determining factor. Perfion’s built-in “Print Publishing” module was also decisive. It allows B8 to quickly create product data sheets and catalogs for customers directly in Perfion by simply selecting the desired products and without the use of InDesign at all.

Perfion provides product data and images for the new online product configurator that allows the customers to design a table of their own choice by combining all available components and to see at once how the table will look

A new product configurator ensures optimal product presentation
B8 has built an advanced product configurator that works in collaboration with the ERP system (Lawson M3), the CMS (Umbraco) and the Perfion PIM system. Perfion handles the many data and images that the user can choose from and click on in order to see the product with the desired components (eg. various table legs, tabletops, bag holders, etc.). With the product configurator, DubaB8 can show the customers images of all the 15,600 billion different tables that can be created by combining the 20,000 table component images stored in Perfion.

Henrik Mark Mogensen from DubaB8 tells about the development of the product configurator:

“When we installed Perfion, the most challenging task was to design the product configurator, so that it would also be easy to maintain. It is a complex task to make fully integrated product configuration function, but this works perfectly. We got a simple solution for a complicated task.”
duba-b8-skanderborg 960 x 420 greyscale opacity 75.png

Our sales organization will be significantly more effective with the digital service platform
B8 has a clear expectation that Perfion will add to a significant efficiency improvement of the sales organization and that the lead time will be reduced by several days. In future, far less time will be spent on making offers and orders, because the sales representatives can place orders online with always correct and sufficient data instead of sending emails back and forth between all the parties involved. With the digital service platform and Perfion, errors in offers and orders will be virtually extinct.

In the future, even more information will be stored in Perfion, including:

  • Test certificates and ecolabels
  • Further product specifications
  • Info about related products
  • Even more product and lifestyle images

An integration to the company’s BI system, QlikView, is also on the wish list.

Perfion is a tool that is intuitive and easy to work with and it does not take a lot of training. The Perfion system’s flexible data inheritance and configuration options also make it easy to create and load new data.

PIM as a knowledge sharing system
Within the entire organization, Perfion serves as product database and is a powerful tool for training new employees because all data is available in one place.


About B8

B8 A/S is one of Denmark’s leading vendors of modular, mobile and flexible design solutions for companies and public institutions. A large part of the furniture is the company’s own production, but also trading goods are in the product range. Furthermore, B8 offers repair and storage and handles the recycling and disposal of furniture.