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We can quickly create websites and mobile apps that update dynamically from Perfion

“Our organization went through a tremendous shift in our product data strategy – from disjointed information silos to a well-structured and maintained central repository. Perfion is now the backbone for multiple websites and a mobile application. To get all the details we need from one place and being able to see the status of an item in one screen - it’s amazing!” Brian Millsap, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Hampton Products International Corporation


To Hampton, a US leader in the hardware and lighting industry, the most important challenge was overcoming the inefficiencies of producing and delivering great product data. Data was stored in disjointed information silos (spreadsheets, emails, etc.) and only discrete information was kept in the Dynamics AX ERP solution. It was hard to find the needed information for different projects and, moreover, the information could never be trusted.

With a growing eCommerce business and an increase of individual customers requiring more robust product data (descriptions, images, dimensions, video), an efficient Product Information Management solution had to be found.

Solution & Benefits

Today, Hampton’s product data can be accessed in up to 3 different languages from one single platform: The Perfion PIM system. It is possible for all employees to see when an item was last updated, when it was reviewed and that the Category Manager has signed off on it.

Perfion suits Hampton’s purposes perfectly because of its extreme flexibility. The 14 unique product lines (everything from mechanical to electrical to even simple things) each require their very own set of specifications and Perfion manages them all.

Hampton’s 14 different brands will eventually have their own unique websites. An example is that is connected directly to Perfion and updates dynamically

New brand websites are created within a few days
Hampton’s 14 different brands will eventually have their own unique websites. An example is that is connected directly to Perfion and updates dynamically.

With Perfion, it only takes a few days to create a complete website for a new brand - before it would take months. Once the code is connected to the Perfion API, Hampton just has to copy that and change the branding.

Straightforward support of customers’ eCommerce sites
Hampton supports the eCommerce sites of customers like Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot.

Some of Hampton’s customers subscribe to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), which enables trading partners to automatically share their business data. Perfion allows Hampton to effortlessly download product data directly into the GDSN template so they can publish their product data to meet the GDSN standards.

Hampton’s Keeper bungees presented on the Amazon eCommerce website 

A Perfion mobile app for ordering products fast
Hampton has also been able to create a Perfion driven mobile application within only a few weeks. The app is designed to help contractors quickly choose the items they want to order and email them to Home Depot’s pro desk where the order is placed in the order system. When the order arrives at the contractor’s worksite it is packaged and keyed and the pallets and boxes are organized to the contractor’s specification.

To Brian Millsap there is no doubt that the PIM solution is making Hampton faster and more efficient:

“We changed the process around publishing information to the GDSN. We changed the process on how we validate our data. We have done a better job of separating and identifying responsibilities. We have one central place for everything, even photos and videos. Perfion has brought a structure to our processes that we did not have before and our goal is to do much more.”
Perfion PIM is making Hampton faster and more efficient


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About Hampton Products International

For over 30 years Hampton Products International Corporation in California has manufactured high quality consumer packaged products within the fields of Automotive, Security, Lighting, Door Hardware and Electronics, including padlocks, door locks, security lighting, timers and builders hardware.

The company’s innovative, high quality designs coupled with a speed-to-market supply chain infrastructure make Hampton a leader in the hardware and lighting industry.