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Chaparral Motorsports races towards omni-channel success

“We are enhancing our eCommerce capabilities using Perfion as the backbone for all product information. All our product data will be extended within Perfion to our main website and additional unique online markets, such as Amazon and eBay. Perfion helps us segment our data very easily without creating new instances of the data. This is a huge component to our success.” Crystal Ashby, VP of Marketing, Chaparral Motorsports


Before Perfion, Chaparral managed 3 sets of product data – that were essentially the same data: A web database, it’s ERP and the source of data that only lived in the InDesign and Quark files used for printing.  It also maintained two assets databases for web resolution and print resolution images. Two teams managed this same dataset differently, which resulted in resource inefficiencies and data discrepancy

Solution & Benefits

At Chaparral Motorsports, the Perfion Product Information Management PIM solution is central to:

  • Managing more than 300,000 SKUs
  • Supplying product data to Amazon, eBay and
  • Back-office integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Release2NAV
  • Maintaining parts information amongst 15,000 different motor cycle models (”e.g., breaks to suit the BMW R50 from 2004”)
  • Publishing a yearly catalog of 300 pages and a number of campaign catalogs within different fields (motor cycle events, ATV catalog etc.)
  • Producing in-store signage

Speed always wins
The implementation of Perfion PIM was completed within 3 weeks. Crystal Ashby, VP of Marketing, explains:

“A fast implementation was key. It was really important for our organization to get early and quick results so we could continue to build on top of our success.”

Not only was the implementation fast, but significant improvements are showing quickly as well:

“With Perfion we’ve been able to reduce in-store signage production from 2-weeks to 3-hours. This is critical given that our business is very seasonal and event driven. The PIM system makes us able to produce new promotional content in much quicker turns.”

Revving up the Omni-Channel future
Chaparral Motorsports is not stopping with just print efficiencies - their plans are going far beyond print:

The entire eCommerce strategy will benefit from the ability to manage product information with much more precision than in the past. The product data can be extended within Perfion directly to the main website and additional unique online markets, such as Amazon and eBay. Perfion makes it easy to segment Chaparral’s data without creating new instances of the data. Since Chaparral currently staffs ten people in the tool, eliminating any chance of data duplicity or inaccuracies is critical.

All Chaparral’s product data will be extended within Perfion to the main website and additional unique online markets, such as Amazon and eBay.

Back-Office meets Front-Office
Chaparral’s IT has also embraced the goal of maintaining one instance of data. With Perfion’s built in NAV Release module, users will be able to seamlessly update data in both systems concurrently in one simple process:

“With the integration to the Dynamics NAV platform we can keep our storefront and ERP completely in sync. We expect to generate real efficiencies and solid reporting from this."

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About Chaparral Motorsports

Chaparral Motorsports is recognized as one of the largest motorcycle accessory and vehicle dealerships in the US.

The company started in 1980 as a small dirt bike parts business and has today grown into a 160,000 sq. ft. multi-line motorcycle and ATV mega store plus a large webshop that sells just about everything you would need for motorbike riding.