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Topspares actually thinks of Perfion as a new colleague

"Perfion has given us an incredible flexibility and made us even more dynamic. Today we are a company not held back by limits, but driven by opportunities. We actually think of Perfion as a new colleague, and we constantly discover new possibilities. Perfion has proven its strengths and made sure that our IT is now perfectly connected: ERP, Perfion PIM, shops, catalogs, pictures, product information etc. And we can only recommend others to try it for themselves and be convinced. We were." Peter Jensen, CEO, Topspares A/S


For many years, Topspares spent countless hours on structuring their data. The hard data were in the ERP system, but handling all the "soft" benefits, related to the products, was a nightmare involving many databases.

Solution & Benefits

Perfion Product Information Management PIM-system has met Topspares’ most time consuming challenge by handling all the "soft" benefits in one single source and solution. 

Topspares are using Perfion for relations among their products, tells the company’s CEO Peter Jensen:

"In short; we are binding information together in an intuitive way so we only have to maintain our data in one single place. This means that the data are always correct, no matter in what context they are used. 
At the same time it’s a pleasure that we can edit data in bulk, which means that data changes that would typically be extreme labor and time consuming now have become kid’s play. 
We can only recommend others to get their data cleaned and centralized as we have done and for this purpose, Perfion is the best tool available."
Topspare maintains data in one single place - the Perfion PIM system

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About Topspares

Topspares has a wide range of automotive spare parts for all brands of automobiles. They store more than 290.000 SKUs in their central warehouse in Denmark. 

Topspares is the most significant distributor of auto spare parts in Denmark. The company’s vision is to be a centre of knowledge and expertise and the preferred manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for the European automotive industry.