Product Information Management

How to keep product information updated across many part numbers? Your product variants are special and need special descriptions.


The task involved in keeping product information and marketing descriptions up to date multiplies with the number of products, variants, media and languages.

  • How do you manage technical data, specifications, images and datasheets for many different products and variants?  Is the information stored and updated in one place, easily accessible when you update your catalogue or web-site?

  • Are you maintaining almost identical data across many different product variants by copy-pasting from one datasheet to another in Word or InDesign?

  • Can you easily prepare price lists for different markets where assortment varies, list spare parts for a particular product or create comparison tables making it easy for customers to select the right product?

  • Is it straightforward to maintain product and variant descriptions in the languages needed?
Product Information Management System

Benefits from using a PIM system

Set adaptability and re-use at the core of your system.

Perfion allows you to manage and update product information for a large number of parts and variants. With a single source of truth for all product related information you don't need to worry about keeping up.

  • Fit for change
    With Perfion, drag and drop allows you to extend products with new features and include new products to the ever changing list. The setup supports true data in heritage that enables easy maintenance of product variants. Life cycle management lets you to make changes to feature description in the products' different stages.

  • Managing related information
    Perfion enables you to manage related information on separate entities or at an item level. If a separate entity for instance is a cell phone, related information can be about available network providers. At an item level relations can be spare parts for a particular product.

  • Classification and alignment
    Perfion manages any number of product hierarchies .This means that preparation and alignment of your product information becomes simple for external partners, online market places, data pools and classification standards (UNSPC, eCl@ss, etc.).