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Maison Truffe generates product data sheets at the press of a button in Microsoft Dynamics AX

“To us, the best thing about Perfion is the seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. And, of course, the dynamic table designer. I consider our cooperation with Perfion to be very positive and professional. They are always keeping focus on the customer’s needs and continue working on finding a solution until a given problem is solved. Their support is excellent, and emerging issues can actually be solved - really fast.” Grégoire Zelenka, CEO, Maison Truffe AG

Each year Maison Truffe creates product catalogs in the areas of catering, kitchen, household and gifts for two different customer segments. The largest catalog has 600 pages and includes about 12,000 items of 50 different brands.


Before Perfion, Maison Truffe’s large catalog was created by a graphics specialist one item at a time. The process was incredibly time consuming since images and information first had to be found in Excel and other data sources. In addition, this process had a further disadvantage when the range and prices changed: The control of master data was almost impossible.

A highly desired B2B customer web portal has not been within Maison Truffe’s reach, because it would require too much effort to create and maintain a webshop with no centrally available data.

Solution & Benefits

Maison Truffe’s most important marketing channels are the product range catalogs, the product information sheets and also the OXID eSales B2B customer web portal.

Product information sheets created with the Perfion PIM solution

According to Maison Truffe’s CEO, Grégoire Zelenka, Perfion’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX is crucial in the preparation of product data sheets, through which the customers receive their offers:

“I can actually generate product data sheets directly from an offer at the press of a button in Microsoft Dynamics without having to re-enter information a second time in another system. Therefore, we have remarkably reduced the administrative burden in connection with preparing offers. Moreover, the Perfion software is really good value for money, and the implementation of the system is easily managed.“
Product data sheets can be generated directly from an offer at the press of a button

When creating data sheets and catalogs, Maison Truffe benefits particularly from Perfion’s dynamic table designer. Certain of Maison Truffe’s items have width, length and height values, while others have e.g. volume or completely different values​​. Depending on which features are labeled on a product, they will or will not be published. No additional information has to be entered, and there are no blank spaces in the list of values ​​in the output.

Maison Truffe’s last step has been the development of the OXID eSales B2B customer web portal, since Perfion now makes it possible to effortlessly provide all the necessary data. Through the online store Maison Truffe’s commercial customers will be able to get comprehensive information and they can order the desired products; all in a self-service process leaving Maison Truffe’s customer consultants more time for high-quality customer support.

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About Maison Truffe

The Swiss company Maison Truffe AG is a supplier of innovative products for catering, household, kitchen, gift and promotional items. Maison Truffe’s customers are retailers, wholesalers, department stores and the industry.

Maison Truffe AG specializes in finding the most innovative products and to offer them to their customers at the best value for money.

With consulting services and a comprehensive inventory of over 25,000 different items, Maison Truffe AG meets daily customer needs and requirements at a high level.