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The Strategic Advantage of Product Data

“Having our product data integrated into our ERP and Web platforms is a strategic advantage for us because it enables product data transparency between our supply chain, product management and marketing teams. Now we can spend more time growing our business since we are all working in the same system.” Robert Finn, Vice President of Marketing, Labelmaster

Labelmaster, a Chicago-based company that helps businesses keep a pulse on the complex set of dangerous goods/hazmat regulations, has chosen Perfion to manage all of its product information. With over 30,000 SKUs - encompassing raw materials, finished goods, software subscriptions and service offerings – Labelmaster had a long list of product system requirements that needed to deliver more efficiency and business growth.


Before the implementation of Perfion Product Information Management (PIM), Labelmaster handled product data through a stand-alone PIM system which was unable to connect with their other IT systems. Without an integrated, single source of product data and content, the Company was forced to enter and store data in multiple databases making it difficult to ensure accurate, consistent and usable product data across the company.

Labelmaster’s challenge was to build a new data foundation with a completely new, fully integrated and user-friendly IT landscape.

Solution & Benefits

Because Perfion PIM works seamlessly together with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and Sana Commerce web platform, Labelmaster is now able to deliver efficiency and transparency between its’ Product Management and Supply Chain teams since customer and supplier data is tied seamlessly to product data. Secondly, it allows the marketing team to efficiently plan, develop and execute campaigns across multiple channels by leveraging a common sets of product content.

With Perfion’s built-in report designer and its integration with InDesign and Easy-Catalog, Labelmaster can quickly and easily create catalog pages and other outputs 

One Data Source Feeds Multiple Communication Channels
Labelmaster has a Multi-Channel Marketing strategy and approaches customers through a wide range of distribution channels. Perfion enables the marketing team to export and create content through the integration to it’s’ web site and through Perfion’s built-in report designer. As a result, the team is able to develop and deploy web landing pages, customized catalogs, fact sheets, pricelists, sell sheets, and enhanced collateral.

One Data Source Fuels Efficiency
Robert Finn has seen how Perfion’s ease of use makes it a breeze to correct and update information and, for example, to create specific promotional eCommerce landing pages:

“We have become much more agile in meeting the needs of our customers. If we see an opportunity to add a new copy block, product landing page or product feature, we are able make the change in Perfion and it automatically shows on the website and other channels.”
Perfion PIM has made Labelmaster much more agile

Simple data extraction for third parties

Perfion also fits Labelmaster’s needs in terms of providing its’ agencies, distributors, and customers with images and product data easily extracted from Perfion and put into a variety of different file formats for sharing.

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About Labelmaster

Labelmaster specializes in helping companies – big and small – comply with the complex and ever-changing regulations governing Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials. Founded over 50 years ago, it provides expertise matched with the most comprehensive assortment of products, software and services on all matters relating to Dangerous Goods including OSHA Hazard Communication Products, DOT placards, labels, regulatory publications, UN packaging, and more.