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Plus6 provides all partners with catalogue data

"What I like most is that Perfion is very user-friendly. You are not forced into a particular schema. It's completely flexible. With Perfion, I can actually say: 'This, I want to handle from here and I want to do it that way.' With the help of the simple drag and drop feature I can adjust it just the way I like it. And its good value for money is also of importance, of course." Nico Schöne, Catalogue Production & Data Management, plus6 Werkzeuge GmbH & Co.KG


For PLUS6 it was earlier a big problem to provide the partners with the enormous amount of data from the various product catalogs, because the catalogs were only created in a graphics program. Consequently, it was not possible to satisfy the diverse customer requirements as regards data and information. Neither was it possible to use the data in other sales channels, such as, for example, shop systems.

Both catalogs each contain more than 35.000 articles and are structurally built up quite differently.

A second major challenge is the opening of user-friendly webshops for the partners. In order to do this, a good schematic capture and a flexible output of the data is required. Previously, this was simply not possible.

Solution & Benefits

With Perfion, plus6 can now create their product catalogs with the required structure and prepare them for output. In addition to the catalogs, the group produces more than 30 different campaigns and flyers every year plus each partner's individual advertising. 

All existing data, text and images can be exported directly from Perfion and the updated information is available to the partners at any time.

Product information and images are easily maintained through Perfion.

Product information and images are easily maintained through Perfion PIM

The next step is to build webshops for the partners, because with Perfion plus6 can now unproblematically provide the necessary data for it.

According to Nico Schöne, the implementation of Perfion has been absolutely uncomplicated:

"We chose Perfion because it allowed us - fast and relatively effortless - to independently configure a tailored database, completely individualized and according to our wishes. The installation of the Perfion software on our SQL server was as simple as the management of the system. And this without any special pre-qualifications. Really easy!"
plus 6 manages product information with Perfion PIM


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About plus6

plus6 Werkzeuge GmbH & Co.KG is an association of 11 independant, German tool wholesalers.

In addition to its own brand, plus6, the association sells a wide catalog range of items from leading brand manufacturers. The extensive product range includes hand and power tools as well as the areas of occupational safety, workshop supplies and facility and fixing systems. Thus, the plus6 group has developed a steadily growing customer base in industry, trade and the public sector.