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The time savings and the remarkably enhanced data quality alone are worth the investment

“Perfion gives us a complete overview of all product information. Product data and images are imported in no time. We can ask the system to show 1000 products all at once; they appear on the screen immediately. Because of Perfion’s extreme flexibility, we can select exactly the views that we want in order to compare features and product categories across languages and see where data is lacking. The stability is first class and the ease of use as well. Perfion gives us all the functionality we needed plus a lot of extras thrown in.” Erling Bech, IT Manager, Oase Outdoors ApS


Oase Outdoors had been using a web-based catalog and PIM system for 4-5 years before switching to Perfion Product Information Management. However, the web solution was not completely reliable and errors often appeared in the data structure. Only two selected super users were able to import and export data, which required an additional and time-consuming operational step. They also spent a lot of time debugging each time the PIM system was not working. A lot of graphic work had to be handled manually in connection with catalog production because the integration with Adobe InDesign was not optimal.

Oase Outdoors wished for much more user-friendliness and needed a stable (desktop based) and future-proof PIM solution with a user interface that closely resembled Microsoft’s products.

Solution & Benefits

Oase Outdoors chose the Perfion PIM system due to its exceptional flexibility. With Perfion, the company can mix all product data and present them in an infinite number of ways on all platforms.

At Oase Outdoors, Perfion feeds product information to the three brand websites, the secured dealer network and printed catalogs

From Perfion, product information is exported to the following sales and marketing channels in a total of 5 different languages:

  • The three brand sites, and
  • A secured dealer portal where the company puts marketing materials, images and product information at the dealers’ disposal
  • Product catalogs and other graphic output

Via its plug-in, Perfion is fully integrated with Adobe InDesign. This enables the company’s own graphic designers to solve all tasks in-house and save the costs of external suppliers.

With Perfion, Oase Outdoors’ own graphic designers can create catalogs from start to end 

As Perfion is so easy to use, super users are no longer needed. Each marketer can take responsibility for their own functions and update product information in the PIM system. The tasks are solved much faster than before, while the two former super users experience a noticeable time savings.

Oase Outdoors’ IT Manager, Erling Bech, is in no doubt about the importance of the shift to Perfion:

“With Perfion we’ve got a lot more than we expected. The time saved and the much higher data quality alone are worth the investment. An added plus is the fact that we also see huge opportunities going forward, e.g. in connection with our image processing and approval workflow. We wish to establish some steps of approval, and this kind of workflow can also be set up in the Perfion system.”
The time saved and the much higher data quality alone are worth the investment in the Perfion PIM solution


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About Oase Outdoors

Oase Outdoors is a Danish company that owns and operates three independent brands in the camping and outdoor living industry: Outwell®, Easy Camp® and Robens®.

The company currently operates in 45 markets worldwide. The headquarters has employees in purchasing, sales, marketing and administrative functions.

Besides the headquarters in Denmark, Oase Outdoors have sales offices in several countries in Europe, the design department in Germany and an office in Shanghai, China.