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CITIZEN goes from 11 systems and databases to One Single Source of Truth

“We chose Perfion because it was the only PIM solution that rose to the top. The best is its ability to integrate into other systems so that we can have a Single Source of Truth instead of maintaining data in multiple systems. Other advantages are its flexibility and ease of use. Using a PIM system will give us better visibility and make the whole company better." Trish Keller, Chief Technology Officer, Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc.

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CTO Trish Keller about the first steps to accelerating CITIZEN’s digital with good product data from the Perfion PIM system

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Before switching to the Perfion Product Information Management system, watch manufacturer CITIZEN stored product data in 11 different databases based on product type and functional business areas. Spreadsheets and Access databases that were managed outside IT had also accumulated.

Consequently, master data info was not very clean or accurate and a lot of duplicate and triplicate maintenance was required. A lack of true data ownership and visibility was a challenge too.

Solution & Benefits

When CITIZEN was changing to a new ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the IT department had two options with regard to product data management:

  1. add customizations that would create update issues later on

  2. or, find a standard PIM solution

IT decided for the latter and opted for Perfion because of its ability to integrate into other systems and its flexibility and ease of use.

Because all systems work together, CITIZEN is now able to manage and update all different types of product data from one single place – Perfion.

Moving forward, Perfion will manage the product information of CITIZEN’s 3000 watches and 50-60,000 spare parts spanning 10 different languages, including e.g. descriptions, Material Safety Data Sheets, sketches, customs codes, images, etc.

From Perfion, product data will automatically be pushed to CITIZEN’s website built on the eCommerce platform Demandware - and to the Dynamics NAV ERP installation.

Product data will automatically be pushed from Perfion to CITIZEN’s webshop and website

Product data for Amazon

Perfion will also deliver product data files for Amazon and ensure that all information is in the required format by using mapping rules. Because of Perfion’s ability to “translate” data (e.g. CITIZEN’s colors to the color codes used by Amazon), all color information is maintained within Perfion only. This goes for all other types of product data for Amazon as well.

Full support from Product Development and Merchandising
Apart from leveraging Perfion’s standard functionality, CITIZEN will do a customization of Perfion to help determine the gross profit of products prior to launch. This project too has full support from the company’s Product Development and Merchandising teams.

There is a lot of product data management work that employees will not have to do anymore. Being able to handle all product data through Perfion will free them up for other tasks.

All things considered, Perfion will give CITIZEN better visibility and enable the employees to make better informed decisions with greater efficiencies.

Perfion helps track and plan the business
CITIZEN also has customized ‘feeds’ from Perfion to support their planning tool, Logility Voyager Solutions, and the Retail-Sales Reporting System, Tillerman. This will allow CITIZEN to track and plan their business across uniform product dimensions, franchises, and collection names whether the employees are looking at shipment forecasts or retail POS data.

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As a true manufacture d’horlogerie, CITIZEN integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process from creating individual components to a watch’s final assembly. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced technology.

Since its foundation in 1930, CITIZEN has promoted a multi-cultural mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. The very name of the brand conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship and is considered as familiar by citizens the world-over.