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With PIM we achieve the same 25-50% faster - The time saved is spent on quality improvements

“We were convinced from the first time Perfion was presented to us. We fell for its user-friendliness. And for the Excel-like interface where everything can be arranged in manageable categories. But what really made the difference was the Rich Text field. It saved us an extreme load of working hours that we were able to preserve all text formatting when importing our 30,000 SKUs into Perfion. Perfion saves me about 25-50% of the time that I used to spend on the same tasks.” Lisbeth Krog, Catalogue Manager, Buch & Holm A/S


Before switching to Perfion Product Information Management (PIM), Buch & Holm maintained their product specifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and product texts in an owndeveloped Access database. From these two systems, an employee had to manually export product data and product texts and then import them into the eCommerce system.

Product texts could only be exported from Access one at a time. Consequently, Buch & Holm could not automatically put together a catalog containing various products. The Access solution was home-made and vulnerable because only one employee was able to transfer the texts. At the same time, it was extremely time consuming having to maintain data in multiple systems.

Solution & Benefits

The Perfion PIM solution integrates completely into most ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means that Buch & Holm can now maintain ALL their product information from one single point of entry: Perfion.

In Perfion, Buch & Holm can arrange all items in manageable categories and thus get a perfect view of all product information.

In connection with the implementation of Perfion PIM, Buch & Holm switched to the eCommerce solution Sana Commerce, into which Perfion also integrates 100%. The webshop is set up with the Sana-Perfion connector and all product information (except from prices and stock levels) comes from the Perfion PIM system.

In 2020, Buch & Holm received the Sana B2B E-commerce Award 2020 for Best User Experience. Lisbeth Krog explains:


”I am extremely proud! This shows how valuable the Perfion PIM system is in our daily work of managing and presenting products in our shop.”
Perfion PIM is valuable in the daily work

Like the ERP system, Sana Commerce automatically picks data and updates from Perfion. This ensures full use of all three systems with huge time savings as a consequence.

Savings are spent on quality improvements
With Perfion PIM, Buch & Holm has got a perfect view of all product information. Unlike in the past, it is now easy to detect when a product text is no longer correct. The company can thus correct errors, which were previously not even discovered. The 25-50% time saving, that is a consequence of the Perfion implementation, is now being channeled into creating a much better quality result.

Hereby, according to CFO Veljo Jovanovic, the company has achieved its goal:

“The money we spend on marketing is now buying us high quality output. This has been our goal all along, not savings.”
In Perfion, Buch & Holm has a perfect view of all product information.

PDF catalogs are created at lightning speed with Perfion
With Perfion, Buch & Holm can quickly and anytime build PDF catalogs with selected product groups. Since the catalogs are composed in the very moment they are needed, they always contain the latest prices and updates. 

Because the PIM system interacts with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company can also create customized catalogs as well as special catalogs with specifically selected information for the customers. The information is picked directly from Dynamics NAV, displayed in a view that is set up in Perfion, and from here exported as Excel files. The customer is free to select the fields he wants to display in his file. 

In the Sana Commerce webshop, users can specifically choose to see the items from a particular PDF catalog because the contents of both PDFs and shop will be delivered directly from Perfion.

PDF catalog pages with selected product groups and information from Perfion and the ERP system are built fast and easily.


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About Buch & Holm

The family-owned Danish company Buch & Holm is among the leaders of total suppliers within equipment, inventory and consumables to laboratories, quality control and industry. Furthermore, the company offers counceling, support and service in Denmark and Sweden and is a co-owner of Lab Logistics Group GmbH.