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The PIM system opened the door to our online B2B platform and webshop

“Without a PIM system to manage all the product data that cannot be stored in an ERP system, it had not been possible to create our new B2B webshop. We can also see that the number of orders in the webshop increases steadily as we import more and more detailed product information, images and other data into Perfion. The more products we present optimally in the webshop, the more we sell.” Steffan Schjøt Christensen, Product Manager, AMO Toys Scandinavia A/S

AMO Toys Scandinavia A/S is a young company, which has grown explosively during its first years. The product range and the amount of product information have increased tenfold.


AMO Toys’ challenge was to maintain product data in the suppliers’ many different Excel spreadsheets. It was time consuming to standardize the spreadsheets in order to collect data in one price list. At the same time, it was difficult to gather data on specific items for a customer and to keep an overview of missing data. A consistent structure was needed, also in the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. With the existing data structure, it was impossible for AMO Toys to offer the online B2B platform and webshop demanded by the customers.

Solution & Benefits

Today AMO Toys’ master data and all other product information is available in the Perfion PIM system as Perfion is fully integrated with Dynamics AX. The same applies to the InDesign templates used for price lists.

When product data changes in Perfion, the price lists are automatically updated with the new data. If customers want product data on specifically selected goods, this specific data can easily and quickly be exported in the desired format.

At AMO Toys, the InDesign templates for price lists are 100% integrated with Perfion. Consequently, they always contain up-to-date product information and images.

Also, a new B2B portal and webshop based on the Ucommerce platform is automatically fed with product data from the PIM system, so that customers can rely on always getting the right prices, information, pictures, user manuals, etc. The new shop gives customers a much better overview of the entire product range and the optimal product information encourages purchase. Consequently, the amount of orders increases all the time.

At AMO Toys, Perfion handles four currencies as well as product information in four different languages.

Employees value the user-friendliness above all else
In addition to customer satisfaction, Product Manager Steffan Schjødt Christensen experiences that his and his colleagues’ work is now much easier to manage:

“The best about Perfion is its ease of use. I can add new things myself, and the system sets no limits. I have no IT education or other special qualifications, but after a brief introduction, I was able to use the system because of its logic. Our salespeople are happy about Perfion too because they now have access to all information and can assist their customers themselves.”
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Work processes have been optimized
Suppliers’ Excel sheets with new product data are easily read in to Perfion, so changes don’t have to be entered manually. Because the PIM system provides AMO Toys a complete overview of all product information, new products are now created here with all the necessary data right from the beginning. It has also become easy for employees to seek information across various suppliers and create the necessary reports.


About AMO Toys

AMO Toys Scandinavia A/S is an independent distributor of toys, and licensed products for children.

The company markets and distributes a range of carefully selected toy products and brands to the Scandinavian market. All with very high standards of play-value, quality and safety. The range includes some of the leading toy brands and licenses, as well as a market-leading range of private labels.