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Join the growing family of Perfion Partners and strengthen your business. As a certified Perfion Partner, you can add the market’s strongest standard PIM system to your product portfolio, and gain access to Perfion’s sales and training programs, which cover presales, sales and implementation.

Perfion’s partner program is designed for ERP integrators, web and e-commerce agencies, and digital agencies.

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Perfion partnerships

We offer three partnership levels for sales of the Perfion PIM solution: Premium Partner, Solution Partner and Business Partner,. All three partnership levels receive a sales commission per license sold.

If you only want to be responsible for implementation of the Perfion PIM system, you can become an Implementation Partner.

perfion-premium-partner.png Premium Partner

Our Premium Partners are our strongest partners. In addition to the benefits of the Solution Partner level, Premium Partners have a designated Customer Success Manager at Perfion, and have access to extended technical support and additional joint marketing activities.

perfion-solution-partner.png Solution Partner

Our Solution Partners sell Perfion PIM and are able to implement and support the solution, as well as train new users. In addition to the benefits of the Business Partner level, Solution Partners have access to training, technical support and marketing materials from Perfion.

perfion-business-partner.png Business Partner

Our Business Partners sell Perfion PIM, but they are not involved in the actual implementation. As a Business Partner, you have access to support from Perfion’s Presales Managers and Sales Managers during each sales process.

perfion-implementation-partner.png Implementation Partner

As an Implementation Partner, you are able to offer your customers implementation and support for the complete Perfion PIM solution. Our Implementation Partners are able to carry out implementation projects with limited support from Perfion.

Partner services

As a Perfion Partner, you can offer your customers the market’s strongest standard PIM system – knowing that you have all of Perfion’s knowledge and expertise on hand when you need it. You know your market and your customers – we know how to sell and implement a PIM system that gives customers maximum value for their investment.


Training and certification

All Perfion Partners must possess extensive knowledge and skills relating to Perfion PIM. Therefore, our certification program is both an offer and a requirement for becoming a Perfion Partner.

We provide training in the sales of our solution, as well as in all of the technical aspects of implementation and support.



We provide ongoing assistance. As a Perfion Partner, you are allocated a set number of hours in which you can access free technical support. The total number of hours is determined by your partner level. Implementation, Solution and Premium Partners also have access to support via Perfion’s Service Desk.



As a Perfion Partner, you can use marketing materials provided by Perfion, which means that you do not have to devise marketing initiatives from scratch. We also conduct joint marketing activities with our partners, and you can increase your company’s visibility via Perfion’s partner site.

Benefits of being a Perfion Partner

Being a Perfion Partner offers a wide range of benefits, enabling you to better serve your customers with a PIM system that gives them full control over product information and improves overall productivity.

In other words, more satisfied customers and a better business.

  • The market’s strongest standard PIM system in your product portfolio
  • Win more orders with support from Perfion’s sales team
  • Increased revenue from sales commission
  • Certification program ensures high level of competence
  • Access to Perfion’s experts via technical support
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