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Vikan publishes data instantly on all media

"With Perfion we have changed our focus from products to information that provides value to our customers. Also, we have considerable savings from the previous 8 tons of paper for catalogues to today's online publishing and dedicated small number prints. Perfion makes it possible to handle complex product information in many languages and to different sectors in a very easy and efficient way". Shane Duff, Marketing Manager, Vikan A/S


Each sector required different products, targeted information and documentation, establishing Vikan as the specialist in each sector. At the same time, a large number of languages with individual product ranges were essential to service the many partners worldwide with targeted sales material.

The existing website was slow and didn´t contain the right information, as most information was located in the head of the sales staff. Therefore, Vikan wanted to build sector-based websites and include the "soft" product information which enriches the factual product information for customer-orientated sales material.

Solution & Benefits

With Perfion, Vikan has built six sector based websites with all relevant product information including descriptions, user manuals, documentation, etc. All products can be found with a search filter generated from Perfion. Data is published instantly on all media such as websites, dynamic PDFs, campaigns, etc. providing always up-to-date information.

95% of all Vikan's product information is maintained in Perfion, and only product numbers and prices are born in the ERP system.

Perfion also enables partners to produce special material such as campaigns for specific sectors with their own logo and extra texts within the Vikan brand profile.

When opening a new market, Vikan simply sends the product files to a translation bureau and imports the translated files into Perfion whereas previously a new language was almost impossible to handle.

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About Vikan

Vikan was founded in 1898 in Denmark as a small brush binder production. Since the 1970´ies a huge export has led to a global network of companies and an export of 90%.

Today, Vikan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene cleaning implements. Based on the needs of customers and statutory requirements, Vikan develops, produces and sells a broad range of cleaning solutions for sectors of food & beverage, kitchens & restaurant, healthcare, education & municipality, retail & supermarket and transport.