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One single database for all product related information

“When you start working with the Perfion PIM system, you have to think thoroughly about the way you structure and organize your items. But soon it becomes like preparing your favourite food or driving a car: You just do it on autopilot” Mario Van Swalm, Purchasing Manager, Tridis bvba


In the past, Tridis had no single point of entry for product information and it was difficult to share information with others.

Product information was included in the ERP system (Dbfact), but it was difficult to manage or change. It was almost impossible to define, which items, images and texts should be presented in the webshop or could be exported and shared with customers, and which information was for internal use only.

Solution & Benefits

Tridis has been using the Perfion Product Information Management solution since March 2016. With Perfion, the company now has one single database for all the necessary product information of their 7000 SKUs - and a good starting point to export whatever data is needed by any requesting party.

All product information on the company website (built on the Magento 2 platform) and in fact sheets is delivered directly from Perfion in English language.

All product data including images, product description, standards & certifications, barcode, etc. is fed into Tridis’ website directly from Perfion

In the next step, Perfion will feed data into catalogs, newsletters and brochures – and handle all data in Dutch and French as well.

The employees enjoy working with the Perfion PIM solution because it provides a clear structure and a complete overview: If an information cannot be found, it means that Tridis is still waiting for the information from the supplier or the information does not exist at all.

Tridis can now update information much faster than before. Once a new article is created, it is easy to fill in the necessary data in no time and to publish the products online with the correct information. Daily work has become straightforward.

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About Tridis

Tridis is an importer and distributor of IT accessories, networking products, video security & cabling. Since 1996 the company delivers to dealers, installers and retailers in Belgium. They have an active warehouse with over 180.000 patch cords, 200 19” racks, 7000 SKUs and over 1.000.000 items shipped yearly.