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“Product data hygiene” is also part of DR.SCHNELL’s expertise

"With a PIM system, we have a single source for all product information such as texts, technical data, files, images, audio and video. This allows us to keep full control of our product data and to make updated information available in our web shop, in catalogs and on all other sales and marketing platforms at any time." Maxim Klimenko, Chief Digital Officer, DR.SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KGaA

Throughout Europe, DR.SCHNELL develops hygiene concepts for healthcare, the hotel and catering industry, professional building cleaning service companies and industrial kitchens.

At DR.SCHNELL, the employees strive to deliver excellent hygiene solutions to the customers, but this is not all. The company also cares about its own "product data hygiene" and this is the reason why all DR.SCHNELL’s product data was put through an efficient cleansing process back in 2018.


DR.SCHNELL had learned that maintaining product information can be extremely time-consuming - and that data redundancy and lack of data consistency is inevitable if the data is maintained in many different data sources.

Solution & Benefits

As in so many other companies, the employees at DR.SCHNELL have experienced that efficient management of product information is an absolute must when products are to be marketed in 25 languages on various communication platforms. Customers need to be able to count on consistent and up-to-date product data everywhere.

In order to provide the customers with the high-quality product information they require, DR.SCHNELL has implemented the Perfion system for Product Information Management. All product information is now maintained exclusively via Perfion. This is possible because the Perfion PIM system works seamlessly with the Shopware web shop and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP application.Data sheets with product information from Perfion PIM

E-commerce and catalog production made easy
When data is updated in Perfion, the changes are immediately visible in the webshop, in catalogs and on all other sales and marketing platforms and the data maintenance effort is thus significantly reduced.

There are many PIM systems on the market. Chief Digital Officer Maxim Klimenko explains why DR.SCHELL opted for Perfion:

"We chose Perfion because it is a 100% standard PIM system that works perfectly with our ERP system, Dynamics NAV. Perfion is also highly configurable and allows us to easily model data according to our specific needs."
We chose Perfion because it is a 100% standard PIM system

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DR.SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KGaA is all about products and services in the field of professional cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene. The modern chemical company has its own research and development laboratories and employs over 360 people across Europe.