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Damstahl implemented Perfion PIM and a new ERP system simultaneously. This saved lots of double work.

”My advice to others, who consider upgrading their ERP system, is to get started with the PIM part as early as possible. The clear and easy way of working with data, that you learn by implementing a PIM system, is extremely valuable - and you will already have a bulk of the data migration work behind you the moment you start your ERP project.” Anders Jensen, Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s

Anders Jensen explains how the simultaneous implementation of PIM and ERP optimized Damstahl’s data migration process

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"We are excited about the way that the Perfion PIM system enables us to filter data and display it in views that would never be possible in an Excel sheet, for example. Getting PIM in place early in the ERP upgrade process has enabled us to benefit from working with data once instead of handling the same data twice." Anders Jensen, Digital & Marketing Manager, Damstahl a/s

Damstahl is a market leading wholesaler of stainless steel operating in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland and Belgium.

More than 300 full-time employees work in the company.

Damstahl is part of the NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group, which works in a wide range of industries.