Perfion Supplier Portal

Easily let your suppliers update their own product information.

Perfion Supplier Portal - Easily let your suppliers update their own product information
Perfion Supplier Portal - Easily let your suppliers update their own product information

In many cases, the data about the products you sell, will originate from an external partner. Whether you are a reseller of products, or just want the technical descriptions to be directly maintained by the original vendor, the Perfion Supplier Portal can be your shortcut to updated product information.

Avoid trivial and time-consuming data update processes

Rather than having data sent to you from suppliers in different formats and at different times, wouldn’t you rather have them doing the work directly in your system?

With the Perfion Supplier Portal, you can make the existing product data directly accessible to suppliers, and you can give them access rights to propose changes to “their” products. Then, you can review and approve or decline their changes, and with only a few clicks have updated product information in your database – ready to publish to websites, catalogues and other channels.

The key features of the Perfion Supplier Portal allow you to:

  • Outsource data maintenance for selected products or individual features of a product
  • Specify which products should be accessible to each supplier
  • Specify which features of the product can be seen/edited by a supplier
  • Specify validation rules which the proposed changes must pass before they are sent for approval
  • Review changes proposed by suppliers
  • Use an approval workflow before changes are made in your product database

Safe and secure

Inside the Perfion Supplier Portal, you are able to assign fine-grained access rights to a supplier. You can define exactly which products are shown for a given supplier, and you can limit the access to only certain features of the product.

In this way, product data remains safe and secure, while you move the data editing task to where it should be – at the source.

Ensure Data Quality

It is possible to define validation rules, which specify certain criteria that the supplier data changes must follow, before the proposed changes can be submitted.

Depending on the sensitivity of the data, and the trustworthiness of the supplier, you can define whether changes move directly into your database or are subject to an approval step in the Perfion Supplier Portal before any changes are accepted.

Two simple processes to follow

There are two main processes involved in letting your suppliers update their own product information in the Perfion Supplier Portal:

  1. First, you must define which products belong to each vendor, and you must specify which features of a product they should have access to. This is done via configuration inside Perfion.

  2. Second, you must grant access to individual users at the suppliers’, and set the approval principle for each. This is done directly in the Perfion Supplier Portal, which is also where the suppliers can log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

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