How to maintain product information sourced from multiple places and shared across many channels?


Your company's product information is scattered across a number of systems including your core ERP application, SharePoint, websites and individual laptops. Still, you're required to maintain up to date product information with text and images across media and platforms such as datasheets, pricelists and web shops.

  • How do you get up to date prices, combined with the correct images and marketing texts into a catalog in InDesign? And how do you handle last-minute changes just before publication deadline?

  • Your sales team wants new key selling points included in the marketing descriptions. How do you handle updates across your catalogues, web shop, datasheets and customer portal?

  • Which process allows your sales people to enclose an Excel sheet to a quotation providing updated prices from your ERP-system mixed with a few product feature descriptions and images?


Benefits from using a PIM system

One source for product information.

You need a solution that connects your existing systems containing product information and allow you to share synchronized product information across platforms and media. Being one source for updated product information, Perfion pulls information from your existing systems such as your core ERP and makes it available across systems and platforms. This facilitates a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Product Information Management System
  • Seamless integration
    Perfion offers easy integration to a number of platforms and applications:
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV (out-of-the-box integration)
    • All standard ERP solutions
    • Web content management systems
    • e-commerce systems
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Adobe InDesign
    • QuarkXpress

  • Open interface
    Perfion's open API and web services allow you to share product information with your customers, trade portals and custom applications across all platforms and media.

  • Improved data quality
    By replacing cut-and-paste and multiple ways of storing data with one source for product information, error sources are eliminated and product data quality improved significantly.

  • Standard IT platform with lower cost of ownership
    With Perfion you get a standard solution that is easy to maintain and upgrade. Then you can invest in content production instead of never ending modifications to your IT system.