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Privacy Policy

About the use of cookies on perfion.com

This website uses cookies in order to improve your, and others', experience and to gather general information about the use of the website. For example, which pages are most frequently visited, how long are users staying on the pages and things like that.

The information is used to optimize website content and structure in order to provide users with a better experience and service.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that the website's server places on your computer or IT equipment (e.g. your smartphone). It makes it possible to recognize your computer and collect information about which features you use and which pages you visit with your browser.

Cookies cannot see who you are, what your name is, where you live or if your computer is used by one or more persons. It cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious programs.

List of cookies on Perfion.com

The website uses the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics cookies
    We gather statistics about what pages our users are visiting, how long they stay on the pages etc. The statistics are used only in an aggregate manner and not in a form where we identify the individual visitor’s behavior.

  • AddThis cookies
    We provide our visitors the opportunity to share links via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and other services. This is done through a service called AddThis that saves cookies in order to enable statistics and to remember what users have shared previously.

  • Google Maps cookies
    Cookies are stored in connection with the maps showing our office locations. We are using Google Maps, and Google uses cookies to remember e.g. the zoom level chosen by the user.

  • HubSpot cookies
    We use HubSpot cookies to target the communication to the users in the best possible way and to present the most relevant content to each user.

Delete or disable cookies in your browser 

You can always refuse cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you use. However, please be aware that there are many features and Internet services that you cannot use if you refuse cookies.

All browsers allow you to delete your cookies individually or all at once. How you do this depends on which browser you use. If you use multiple browsers, remember to delete cookies in all of them.