A PIM solution ensures synchronized data at all times, everywhere
PIM Product Information Management solution for companies
Product Information Management - PIM

The CIO's challenge

The combination of multiple communication platforms, many languages and lots of product variations increases demand on IT. The business expects synchronized data at all times, everywhere.

  • Does the business want to open new sales and marketing channels like e-commerce portals, micro-sites, e-catalogues and mobile devices in addition to the old-fashion price lists, print catalogues and brochures?
  • Does collaboration with vendors and customers require updated product information to flow through the value chain automatically?
  • Is inconsistency in information management and lack of integration between systems making it hard to keep product information live and synchronized across platforms?
  • Are constant changes in the business requirements leading to never ending modifications to your custom built solutions? 

[VIDEO]: How IT manager David replaces multiple disjointed data silos with one Single Source of Truth

Benefits from using a pim system

A flexible and open setup for product information management
With Perfion, product information is gathered into one central source of truth from where updates to all relevant applications are pushed. You can enable the business to collaborate based on up to date information across organizational units, product variations, languages, and applications.

  • Centralize and reuse data
    Perfion collects all your diverse product information into one single place. Data can be imported or live-linked from existing data sources. In this way product data is always updated and shared live across organizational units, platforms and applications.
  • Drag and drop configuration of product information
    It becomes easy to manage and update product information across multiple media like portals, website, datasheets, pricelists and brochures.
  • Seamless ERP integration
    Out-of-the-box integration to Dynamics AX & NAV and easy integration to all other standard ERP solutions.
  • Open XML-based API
    Live data and images are fed into existing websites, e-commerce portals and custom applications using standard connections and web services.
  • Fast implementation and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    Perfion is a standardized, certified .NET-based application. The proven solution provides for fast implementation with low TCO.

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