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All your product information in one single place. Seamlessly pushed to all your publications, apps and websites.

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Product information scattered across multiple systems is costing you valuable time and increasing the risk of error. Perfion PIM gives you full control of your product data, freeing up your valuable time for core tasks instead of searching for information and managing various systems.

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What is PIM and why use a PIM system?

A PIM system’s most important task is to help a company manage large amounts of complex product information and distribute all of this information efficiently on the relevant channels.

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What people say about Perfion
“We are enhancing our eCommerce capabilities using Perfion as the backbone for all product information. All our product data will be extended within Perfion to our main website and additional unique online markets, such as Amazon and eBay. Perfion helps us segment our data very easily without creating new instances of the data. This is a huge component to our success.”
“Perfion is Out-of-the-Box but very configurable – it’s a quite unique product in that sense in the Dynamics NAV world. Actually, Perfion can be pointed to any database source and any ERP system that we may choose to use. This makes the solution completely future proof.“
“With Perfion as the interface of our complete Microsoft systems architechture, we have been able to regain our data sovereignty throughout and make the extra step through an advertising agency superfluous. This has given us a savings of 70,000 EUR right away. With only one data source, we will achieve even more savings that cannot be calculated in money alone. The PIM system helps the whole company grow."

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