Dynamics NAV with integrated Product Information Management
PIM Product Information Management solution for companies
Product Information Management - PIM

Product Data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Perfion integrates Product Information Management 100% into Microsoft Dynamics® NAV solutions, and works directly with live up-to-date ERP information, such as prices, inventories etc. You can work directly with Perfion inside the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV application, where you will be able to:

  • Manage all your Product Information
  • Dynamically create Brochures, Datasheets etc. directly in printable PDF format.

Perfion integrates Product Information Management 100% into Microsoft Dynamics® NAV solutions

Role Tailored Client - RTC

Perfion work in both the classic as well as the Role Tailored clients.

Role tailored client - RTC

Perfion integrates into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Master Data Management

All product data from Perfion is also accessible from within Dynamics NAV. For some business data it is critical that they are stored in certain ways in Dynamics NAV for optimal performance. You can either

  • Use Perfion to link data live from Dynamics NAV
  • Via the Perfion API, use Perfion as Master Data Source to keep Dynamics NAV up-to-date.

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