PIM for up-to-date Multi-Channel Commerce and Marketing now
PIM Product Information Management solution for companies
Product Information Management - PIM

Product Information Management (PIM)

The Perfion Product Information Management PIM system ensures overall up-to-date product data and the ability to easily manage product information across all marketing channels.

Successful Multi-channel Commerce and Marketing requires perfect and up-to-date product data. Perfion PIM gives you One Single Source of Truth for all your Product Information so you can apply and use it across all your present and future marketing and commerce channels.

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Perfion overview: PIM ensures overall up-to-date product data

Your products are special?

Different types of products are described differently. Even similar products are described differently by competitors because of the need to differentiate. Perfion PIM is a standard solution that can describe anything from screws to space rockets. All types of data - features, photos, descriptions, files etc. - in any language or representation can be easily modeled. Any, or even multiple, product hierarchies can be used simultaneously.
Perfion PIM also enables you to manage detailed information about other entities related to your products, such as Designers, Actors, Customers, and Manufacturers etc. So Perfion delivers the full and complete set of information you need to sell your products.

Fit for Change... fit for the Future...

Your products are continually enhanced. New product groups are introduced. Customers, Governmental or Environmental requirements to product data change. Everything changes!
Perfion PIM is Built-to-Change. Via simple drag and drop you can extend your different types of products with new features. With Perfion PIM you will be fit for the future as much as for today, ensuring that your investment does not burn up in continual development of new enhancements to cope with future requirements.

Up-to-date information!
With Perfion PIM it is…

With Perfion PIM it is finally easy to maintain huge amounts of product information in a simple and efficient manner. Information shared by many product variants is maintained via a hierarchy of shared data making it easy and efficient to keep all your product information up to date.

Easy to use
Perfion is built by users for users. It is very easy to use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office applications like Word and Outlook®, then you will be mastering Perfion PIM in no time.

Fast to Implement
You can literally be up and running in minutes. Perfion PIM is a 100% standard application with fast and easy installation wizards. Any existing data can be imported directly from Microsoft Excel files.

Perfion PIM is built using the highly productive Microsoft Windows® user interface. Yet you can still run it via the Internet and gather all the benefits of world wide accessibility and collaboration. Perfion PIM delivers the best of both worlds, and is founded 100 % on Microsoft .NET technology.

Built-in security options make sure that only users with sufficient privileges can edit information relevant to their responsibilities.

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