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Product Information Management - PIM

Marketing managers' point of view


Marketing responsible for an ever changing product?
Do you find it hard to support an ever changing product across marketing channels, languages, segments and product variations? Are manual updates of product information getting in the way of doing clever marketing?

  • How do you serve different segments with specialized information while making sure product data is synchronized across all campaign elements?
  • Is product information kept up to date across communication platforms and media such as public websites, customer portals, web-shops, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, fact sheets, social media, direct mails and newsletters?
  • Can you easily maintain product information across language versions and update prices in local currencies?
  • Is content and corporate design conjoint, thus making it difficult to do updates to design across deliverables without having to touch every piece of material?

Benefits from using a pim system

One source for product information across all channels and languages
Update product information dynamically across channels, media and languages. This allows you to communicate with your customers in as many ways as you wish, while keeping core information up to date.

  • Update content dynamically everywhere
    With Perfion you get one source for product information allowing automatic updates across sites and applications such as Word, InDesign, QuarkXpress files, websites and mobile apps.
  • Separate content from design
    By working with design templates that automatically are updated with latest content, it becomes easy for you to maintain up to date information in compliance with current branding guidelines.
  • Speed to market
    The dynamic and easy-to-use setup allows you to update product data, prices, look & feel, and generate entirely new deliverables like a segment brochure, in hours rather than weeks. That removes bottlenecks and allows you to support the business as quickly as changes occur.
  • Differentiate communication across segments
    Differentiate across your target groups with content, layout and assortments tailored each segment - and be certain that product information is synchronized. 
  • Manage localized content
    Serve all your markets in local language and lower your entry barrier for new markets. By linking product information to templates for marketing materials and integrating translation agencies into your work flow, it becomes easy to manage and add language variations.

Read more about the Perfion Product Information Management PIM system 

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